Monday, December 14, 2015

Cage Match?

From Album 5
So is it down to Tailgunner Ted and The Donald, one fall or remaining television time, as they say?


  1. Michael,
    Thanks for your kind words and for understanding that some of us older, broken down folks can't get to the old keyboard every day. It's been a bit rougher than "normal" of late, but I go for some news tests later this week. Might know something in about ten days of so. Unfortunately, my pain management doctor decided she wants to wait until after then to see about the next injection. Oh well, such is the "great" state of health care in the US of A…….Now IF, admittedly a very huge if, we had a real national health care system……..oh, sorry, there I went, off dreaming about some radical socialist crap……again. Well, I have said it before and will again, many times no doubt; Marx was not radical enough.
    Oh joy the Donald versus the Cruzer. I vote for a full, locked down cage match, to the death. I bet the WWE could sell that puppy as a pay-per-view and make millions, hell, tens of millions in profits from that one fight alone.
    I like the one particular bit in the link on how these two asshats are fighting for/over the 50% of the elephant gang who 'think'(do they know how to think?) that the elephant gang is NOT crazy enough. Yeah, that explains much right there. Not that the donkey gang are very much more sane. Well, as you keep reminding all who read your blog, the lesser of two evils. I had taken to calling it the evil of two lessers for a long time, now I just sit, read, listen (sometimes, not often even watch) and despair. It makes me so sick to see how low as a country the US of A has fallen. Good grief, even the majority of what 'we' call third world countries are not this insane.
    America, it had such great promise. Now it is just 'Merikkka, land of stupid politics and damn fools who hang on every word the bought and paid for politicians say. Trump claims he cannot be bought. Bullshit! An old saying, no doubt true, says that EVERY person has her/his price. Trump just may have a higher price than some of the others in the elephant gang.
    Well, take care of yourself young man. I'll keep stopping by, but can't promise a comment every day.
    Stay well Michael, I for one enjoy your work here. Plus, I really like those photos of Tigger.

  2. Well, hope the tests come back with good results, whatever they may be. My own take, especially after this past summer, is that if you can safely mitigate pain, by all means do so. Yes, be careful with opioids, but in this country there's way too much "grit your teeth, gut it out" on the opposite extreme. I call bullshit -- you have to balance things out...

    Speaking of balance, neither Cruz nor The Donald has much of that, eh? And as for 'Merikka, someone I vaguely know tried to tell me Trump is "just saying what the people think, whether they're left or right wing." Same person also tried the anti-politician/can't be bought rhetoric neither you or I buy. Christ: Trump's sold his own soul multiple times to keep his casinos and hotels above water. And that business, as well as high end real estate (fronted by his dad) are the essence of politics. It's why he's doing as well as he is...along with basically stealing Bush-Cheney rhetoric (though, to be fair, Junior and Dick weren't quite as ugly towards Muslims...emphasis on "quite"). And I'm guessing the same people supporting Trump are the Bush die-hards back when his approval rating was in the toilet, at roughly 25 percent, which matches pretty nicely with the numbers right now (I'd guess 40 or so percent of the Repugs comes to about 25 percent of the nation as a whole).

    Meanwhile, Cruz is mopping up the evangelical vote. Sure, there's a bit of overlap here and there, but looks like the classic Gooper coalition: social versus fiscal. And I'm also going to guess the fiscals would tolerate four, maybe even eight years of HRC. It's not like she's all that different.

    Meanwhile, the nation will continue to plod along, the rich getting even more rich, the rest of us scratching out a living the best we can, until the climate crisis hits.


    Well, off to dinner and a "debate." Well, more like a clown show. I suppose it's slightly less destructive than a staged train wreck.

    Take it easy, hope the doctor realizes that, if you're in pain, you need something to at the very least mitigate it.