Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Beyond The Event Horizon

From Album 5
Fortunately the fabric of spacetime is flexible enough to withstand the massive sinkhole/vacuum that is the combination of Palin/Trump. Empty doesn't get any emptier.


  1. Good grief! The combination of those two is a new high in stupidity, hubris, arrogance, and of course ignorance…….cubed and then raised to 10 to the 100,000th power, at minimum. Actually, this combo would suck dry a massive black hole. Yeah, even Hawking would be frightened of this combo and prefer being sucked into a massive balk hole than be in the same continent as they are. Empty barely begins to describe this combo.
    Well, this is what we get when what passes for 'reporters' are in fact just note takers on a good day, and there have not been many good days of late, reporting use that is.
    In truth, my days seem to be getting a bit better. Not very fast, but I'll take steady progress and keep things slow and easy.
    Have a great week. Might get a bit of rain the next day or so up here. Take care Michael.

  2. Funny enough, I heard the term "singularity" to describe the Palin/Trum, um, I was going to say tete-a-tete, but that implies, if not thought, something like it.

    Christ, Palin is utterly incoherent. Trump isn't much better, but...I dunno: maybe that was the plan. Anyway, I mean anyone, looks good compared to St. Joan of the Tundra.

    Anyway...yeah, they say rain down here, then cold. Well...good that I have a furnace.

    And very good to hear you're feeling a bit better. Keep it up -- never feel the need to comment here, but I certainly appreciate your thoughts, and your family and friends appreciate you being here. So, if not for yourself, for them.

    Take care.