Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hey, Look! An Email Scandal!

From Album 6
But it's not HRC, so I doubt it'll turn into anything...


  1. Wow. Just wow. You have a GM plant say the city water is crap, then a hospital does the same, even a local university said it was crap.And the clowns who run the state did, nothing except say the folks complaining were malcontents. This just proves, again for the ten thousandth time (probably way more than that number) that the US of A is NOT the country I was taught about in high school civics class way back in the dim, dark, distant middle 1960's.
    America, what a country.
    Take care Michael. Got some rain here today and it is suppose to get cold tonight/tomorrow.

  2. Short sighted? How about no sighted? The "savings" were somewhere around $5 million dollars, which isn't chump change, but neither is it an outrageous expense for a significant city in the United States. Duh.

    And now they'll be spending billions of dollars...and that doesn't even consider the emotional damage that comes from having permanently affected an entire city, including minor children...what...assholes.

    It's like New Orleans before the storm/flood -- oh, it was tooooo expensive to fix things before the fact...until they spent hundreds of times as much to fix things after. And that after having spent hundreds of billions of dollars on Operation Enduring Mesopotamian Clusterfuck.

    And now many of them are enthralled by a carnival barker/professional con artist/huckster/reality show clown. Amazing.

    Well...oh, we're getting the cold over here, by the way. Rain pushed through last night. Glad the furnace is working. Otherwise, it'd be mighty damn cold. Hope you're dealing with it ok.

    Have a good weekend up there.