Monday, February 15, 2016

Cage Match

All fine and good if you're into pro wrestling -- not my thing, but hey, live and let live -- but the stakes are just a bit higher.

In other news, I await Satan's announcement of a newly arrived resident in the ninth circle, one Antonin "Nino" Scalia. Treachery...Yep. Maybe he's getting things set for Cheney.


  1. OK, we are not supposed to "speak ill of the dead" and all that BS. Well, too bad, I was not sad at all when I saw that the vile Scalia had died. Yes, he may be getting a nice warm (scalding hot one hopes) place ready for Mr. 5 deferments.
    That disaster was a debate? Again, I have to state my personal opinion, the last REAL debate between those running for POTUS was 1960- JFK/Nixon. What was on the idiot box in Sought Carolina was a sick joke and the absolute worst excuse of a 'debate' ever. Yes indeed folks, the elephant gang has gone and shot themselves in both feet with a single shot pistol. Maybe they had their feet crossed as well as their fingers behind their backs, hoping nobody would see how badly they all lied. Man, those clowns lied like cheap rugs, all over the place.
    Thanks for sharing some of your memories of Tigger. Most every cat I ever shared a home with loved a towel or some cloth on the floor. Oh, making the bed was fun times for the cats, not so much for me and/or the wife if we were trying to get the job done quickly. Boxes and even paper bags were great hiding places for them also.
    Well, have a good week. It rained quite a lot here today, but we look to be clear for the rest of the week…….maybe….LOL. This IS Louisiana, the weather report can change in 5 minutes or less.

  2. Norman Ornstein -- not exactly a flaming lib, in face, an AEI wonk if I remember right -- said something about how the Democrats would do well to buy airtime and play the "debate" over and over. Would scare the shit out of any sane person. Hell, even asshole moderator John Dickerson made some crack about "I might have to turn the car around," i.e., they were behaving like bratty children. Unbelievable that any of these nits would have their finger on the button, or the ability to name SCOTUS nominees.

    But -- I posted a quick pic today (busy day, alas, and not enough time to really come up with anything), anyway, a quick pick of Trump...oh, he's still full of shit, but it was fun to watch him poke holes in another cherished GOP trope, the whole "Bush kept us safe" nonsense. Haha. Again, let 'em rip each other to shreds...or, as I've previously said, when your opponent is drowning, toss them an anvil.

    Aside: thanks to You Tube, you can actually watch the Kennedy-Nixon debates. Interesting viewing. No, Nixon still isn't rehabilitated in my mind, but he's at least not dangerously incompetent...yet. Gotta love Dan Aykroyd's Nixon from The Final Days sketch. Oh, it's good...and also available on internet video.

    And thanks for letting me remember my little one...oh, I think of him every day. He was one of the good ones.

    Anyway...need to do some stuff around here, then finally relax after a busy work day. Catch you later.