Thursday, February 25, 2016

Just For The Sheer Dickishness Of It, I Guess

Ted Cruz is blocking passage of a bill that would fund fixing and/or replacing lead water mains in Flint.


  1. Is Cruz trying hard to fail in the upcoming Michigan primary? Not the smartest move if he is really serious about doing well there next month.
    I agree with you about the very real need to restore funding for education in the US. Yes, repairing/upgrading the infrastructure would be good, but like you (no doubt sooner than you) I won't be around to see some of the proposed cool new ideas for that.
    Getting down off this totally bullshit 'idea' of the US being some sort of 'indispensable' nation would be a damn good thing for the whole world.
    Well, hope your week goes well, it will be the weekend soon. Enjoy it if you can.

  2. The weekend's starting over here...and never soon enough. Well, I've got an indoor project to work on, and might deal with the yard if necessary. Maybe that can wait. Last week it needed cutting, but this early in the season maybe lets me take one more off week...

    Yeah, Cruz is such an asshole he'll even sabotage his own campaign...not that he's really got a chance. I guess Trump's minions are delusional, Cruz's are full bore creeps.

    Anyway...I think tomorrow or the next day should be pretty nice. In the meantime...guess I'll go fix dinner. Have a good weekend as well.