Friday, February 26, 2016


Relaxing at the end of a long week.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Thanks for sharing another great photo of Tigger.
    We had a cat, somebody had tossed him out and he ended up in our front yard. Normally, when you drive into your driveway and a stray cat is in the yard, the cat will run off. This one just stayed. We unloaded our ground feed it. OK, I did and he ate all I gave him and as I was sitting on an old chair in the garage, he came over to me, looked up with his one eye and jumped onto my lap. We found out he had a broken hip,cost us $600 at the vet, but we could not have him put down. He enjoyed ten years in our home with the other cats we had already, he made number 7. I named him Walter P. Kronkat. Sort of a take on Walter Cronkite. After all, he ate the food we gave him, jumped onto my lap and just decided he was going to stay at our home, and that's the way it is. And it was. The one odd thing is, he was afraid of cameras. The only photos I ever had of him were when he was sleeping. He'd sleep in the oddest positions, if you tried to move him to a more comfortable position, he'd just end up where he had been.
    I lost so many photos during the moves I made since 2000. Wish I still had them, but life doesn't always go the way we want.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Ah, what a great thing to do...what a horrible person whoever it was that tossed the little Walter out, but in retrospect, he got mighty lucky ending up with y'all. own photo collection is, well, there, but somewhat limited. I have a lot of Tigger, of course, and have started to take more, but for a time the cost of developing prints made me look to take less photos with a camera and more just in my head. And I still haven't gotten totally comfortable with the fact that digital photos don't really cost anything. That said, if you use a so-called smart phone, you're sharing with anyone who might want to hack you. Not that anyone cares about me, but I keep that in mind.

    Otherwise, hope your weekend went well. Got my indoor stuff done to the extent I wanted, that is, I made more progress removing sheet rock, and even got a little better with the ensuing mess. Now just the interior closet walls are left, and the framing. The framing will be reused -- I'm actually moving the closet, and will expand it, since I've got some pocket doors and hardware that will finally get reused...and, if it works out, the space will be a little better organized. I realize I talk about these things and rarely mention progress (e.g., new floors -- still possibly on tap, though I'm also looking to maybe just do a very thorough resealing)...but this one might actually get done. We'll see.

    Otherwise...well, tomorrow the GOP is officially in panic mode, unless their full court press on Trump got any traction over the weekend. I'm not sure what's less surprising: that Trump didn't denounce David Dukkke or that it's finally dawning on the Repugs that their base is full on crazy and they don't have a clue how to deal. Well...

    Take it easy.