Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Founders' Intent

Because after all, detention without trial or even charges is enshrined in the Constitution, right? Geez. What a steaming pile...


  1. Seeing as how I dumped two articles on you yesterday, the second was quite long, but very worth the time (my opinion). I'll keep this short tonight. Yes, Gitmo IS an example of the US being "good" 'Merikkkans (good Germans). Of course in my own view, every damn fool war the US has been in since 1945 were wars of choice, wars we need NOT have had any part of. Gitmo is just the most obscene example of this.
    We got a good deal of rain but o nasty winds. Saw where a few tornadoes were sighted though. Hope all are OK.
    Stay safe.

  2. Yeah, the tornadoes were not far away, but...I feel very fortunate. In my immediate area, it was just a normal rainstorm. I feel for the folks who got hit, though.

    As for the articles, well...like I said, I think Godwin's "Law" is bullshit. Sure, you want to be careful when making extreme comparisons, but if it fits, you make it...and it fits. It's not fun realizing that plenty of people are the moral equivalent of Good Germans, or worse, full on fascists, but that's where it's gone. Trump might not be Hitler, but he's damn close to Mussolini, at least in attitude...hell, maybe in background as well. Wasn't Benito in media (newspapers, sure, but it was a century ago)? For all of his alleged real estate genius, emphasis on alleged, Trump's just a reality TV star, a self-promoter who I don't doubt for a second is mortgaged and leveraged so far up his own ass that any claim to independence is ... as I mentioned yesterday, a clear sign his supporters don't just not mind being conned...they're begging to be conned. Hell, he cites Carl Icahn as an endorsement. That alone is more than enough evidence of his being a fraud.

    Well...shit. What's the line about getting the government we deserve? No, not for everyone, but if they end up pulling this out...

    OK, to settle down just a bit, oh, here in Loosiana it's one thing, but I still hope the rest of the nation is a little less crazy...and also on the bright side, your neighbor (or possibly former neighbor, if he's still in law school) Lamar White transcribed Jefferson Parish sheriff Newell Normand's speech ... a small step, sure, but...better than nothing http://cenlamar.com/2016/02/24/transcript-of-sheriff-newell-normands-fiery-speech-to-hell-with-grover-norquist/

    Take it easy.