Monday, February 22, 2016

A Day Late...

And a few million dollars short. Actually some $80 million dollars short with my picture. Aw...anyway, a little busy here so the picture is recycled. But wow, what a dud. Jeb!'s campaign is dead. Over. And what's really frightening's over because it wasn't crazy enough.

Which would be one thing if Jeb! was reasonably sane. But...he wasn't.

Something to think about.


  1. Glad you got your hark work done before the rains came.
    Yes, I totally understand how the loss of Tigger sapped your energy. We get very attached to our furry friends. I'll just let it go with that comment.
    As to Jeb(!), well, to be honest, might as well as honesty is supposed to be the best policy, when I heard he quit, I laughed for about ten minutes. You just know that he was so sure that just by declaring he was running the rest would quake in their boots and quit, or at best, just make a half hearted attempt. He thought, my opinion, he would be declarde as the new hope of the elephant gang. Yep, he no doubt saw himself as the re-embodiment of Papa Bush and W. Shrub all in one cooler package. Well, it didn't play out that way for him. The Donald just rolled right over him faster than a Mac truck would run over a worn down speed bump in some old parking lot.
    Trump is a pompous ass, but he keeps on rolling over the opposition. There is an article on Counterpunch about Trump and how he may have done that gang a huge favor. It was posted 22 Feb, by Thomas Knapp; "Win or lose, Donald Trump just did the GOP a Yuuuuuuge favor".
    We look to get more rain tomorrow. Well, I got my errands done today so I can stay inside unless some need arises and I have to go out.
    Take care and have a good week.

  2. If you do check that Counterpunch article, also give a read to the one posted on 22 Feb by Rev. Alberts. I have read most of what he has had on that site and I like his style, he is not a "typical" 'Merikkkan xtian by any means. He is almost too honest for his own good. Still, I am very happy to have no religious beliefs at all.

  3. OK to both Counterpunch articles. They're lined up and ready. Well...over here the severe weather was enough to declare a half day off...and, after letting the traffic clear, I at least took care of a few things here. And...I got lucky: the rain wasn't any worse than usual, though I guess Prairieview and points south and east got slammed...high winds certainly, a tornado possibly. And now a spell of cold. Well, that's why I've got gumbo in the freezer, and now thawing. Good weather for that.

    You're right about Jeb!, even as he dumped his own surname in favor of punctuation...or should it be puncture-ation, after Trump popped his balloon. I still keep thinking of how the allegedly moderate Jeb! saw nothing wrong with threatening Michael Schiavo's life while grandstanding-for-the-loons over Terri Schiavo. That's more than enough to demonstrate what a sorry excuse for a human being he is. So, no sighs over what might have been. Good riddance, and don't let the door hit you, etc.

    Well, back to stuff here. Take it easy, hope the weather wasn't too foul up there...

  4. OK, took a look at both articles. Yeah, Trump might have allowed them to dismiss Dubya, but that's always been sort of a blind spot...I've seen it in other situations with individuals or even the wingers as a whole. It's less denial and more just ignore. Hell, for that matter, it was sort of like how Bill Clinton handled the infidelity accusations in 1992...though...sorry to equate the old Clenis (i.e., a personal matter) with the wholesale fuck up that Bush Junior wrought. So, yeah, Trump might be leading a path out, but it might also just be Trump. Hell, some of the nitwittier of the nitwits were putting up "Miss Me Yet?" signs featuring Bush Junior in the summer of 2009. Which goes to show you: it was all about tribalism. Even a colossal and obvious fuck up...was oblivious to the true believers. Which makes Trump all the more ironic. He's clearly a huckster, but they enjoy being conned, provided they also get to hate.

    As to Albert's article, well, yeah: Godwin's "Law" has always been a convenient weaseling out for some...oh, but we can never be as bad, we CAN be, and have been. The same justifications the active Germans used to exterminate the undesirables (mostly, but not totally Jewish) -- and the silence by the "good" Germans -- is replicated in all sorts of places and across eras, including right here in the good old "exceptional" USA...yep, right now with out own anti-semitism as anti-Arab...and with the reaction and silence between the end of slavery and the beginning of the Civil Rights movement a hundred years later...oh, and the very deliberate and ugly blockade of Iraq throughout the 1990s, which didn't affect Hussein and his cronies, but sure as hell wreaked havoc on ordinary did the depleted uranium shells that are at the very least a major contributing factor in appalling numbers of birth defects and other horrors ordinary Iraqis continue to suffer (as were the burn pits Dick Cheney profited from...that creep). The anti-Semitism in the form of anti-Arab is just the latest. People love to hate...and I guess the only thing I can ascribe that to is they must really hate themselves, but project it outward.


    Well, thanks for passing the articles along.

    Time to have dinner and close out the night. See you later.