Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Being John Milkovich

That's John Milkovich, not Malkovich...John Milkovich, State Senator...and science denier. Sigh.


  1. And this moronic clown is on the state science committee. Well, our recently departed former governor was a 'born again' Catholic who participated in an exorcism. Oh, and lil' Bobby has a biology degree from an Ivy League school.
    Yeah, put doG back in the schools and all the troubles will be magically solved. Oh, and allow the teachers and staff to openly carry fire arms. Guns, doG, and the holly buy-bull will cure all that ails the state. Hey, just take that mess nation wide and the USA will be great again.
    On a different track, I like your rant from yesterdays post. I agree with you. All gun owners should be responsible gun owners and should want every other gun owner to be so as well. In my opinion, remember I was a Marine and saw combat, gun control is hitting what you aim at. That is not the same as being a responsible owner though. I just had to toss that out FYI. I still own a single action revolver and a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun. Both and the ammunition are locked away and I am the only one who has the key for them. When we have company here I make double sure they are locked up.
    Yes, PTSD has a long lasting effect on a person. Actually any living critter, I do think our furry friends can suffer from it as well. I feel fortunate in that I have been able, it took years, to have put my trauma in a box in a closet in my mind and it stays there about 99% of the time. Now and then I'll read an article or see something on the net/TV that opens that door and then the box, but I am able to get it all back into the box and shut that door. Yes, I know when it has come out and try hard to get it back into the box again. I feel extra fortunate in that I can, at times, tell that a story or video will trigger it. Not every time, but I do have control over it, just takes a bit of time some days. The flashbacks and nightmares are way fewer than they were in the 70's and into the 80's. I guess that is why I despise war so much.
    I'll end this now or it will turn into a long winded rant against the useless damn fool wars since 1945 again.
    Take care Michael.

  2. p.s. It is insane that the state still will not get any of the unconstitutional laws off the books. Well, the religious reich must 'think' (do they really think?) that we won't notice and they might try and slip them back into force some day. I'd not put any underhanded, dirty tricks past them. Makes me very, very happy that I believe in NO doGs at all.

  3. p.p.s. Please excuse an old guy with brain fade. I wanted to give you a happy one and forgot while posting my comments above. At the LOLCats web site they had a neat photo of a young looking man with an orange kitten on his left shoulder. The caption is; "I replaced the chip on my shoulder with a kitten. Now we both feel better". I smiled the first time I saw it and am doing so now also. Made me think of the cats I was fortunate enough to share my life with.

  4. Yeah, I'll see if I can find the cat photo. Ah...nothing quite like an orange cat. As for Milkovich, And he's not just on the Senate Education Committee, he's vice chairman...

    To be fair, one Baton Rouge Senator voted with him...but at least I'm not in his district.

    It almost makes me think someone should put forth a "modest proposal:" if you want to shove religion into science class, then...force Sunday Schools to give equal time to secular humanist rationalism. But I guess that'd get shot down, figuratively...and possibly literally, since the gun crazies can arm themselves in church.

    And as to that, again, I can't think of why a decent gun owner -- and the vast majority are decent, grown up/mature -- I can't think of why they'd want to associate with the loons. The NRA used to be fairly pro gun control, because, duh, armed idiots give the rest of them a bad name.

    Well...I'm gonna keep this short. Have a couple of things to get done before I can relax for the evening. At least tomorrow's Friday. Wow...time keeps flying along.

    Take it easy.