Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cue Up The Smallest Violin...



  1. Your title for the link is outstanding! I'd have said it was mostly poor whine.
    The link is very good and I'll go back and re-read it again later. One thing did stand out, how the Wally Street Journal clown says that the (ig)Nobel piece prizident has destroyed the elephant gang. LOLMAO. IF, and that is a very huge if, he did, then he can be damn proud to have done so. Unfortunately, he didn't destroy that gang of asshats. Nope, they did it all themselves. LOL, reminds me of the old days (really old as in pre color TV) of some commercials on the TV for Anacin. It was supposedly "fast, fast, fast" also. In at least one of those commercials some housewife was having a bad day and had a headache. Her mother tries to tell her how to do something. She snaps back; "Mother, PLEASE! I'd rather do it myself!" Well sir, the elephant gang has done it to themselves. Oh and about that Reagan "legacy", the sooner we get rid of that crap the better off we'll be. Don't care that both he and the vile Nancy are dead, I still despise him and her.
    Have a good weekend.

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  3. Tried to post a link to the cat photo. It didn't take. Sorry.

  4. Funnier still, they COULD have utterly destroyed Obama, made him even more Jimmy Carter than the actual Jimmy Carter ... and, not to, you know, blow my own horn, becuase I'm sure others noted the same, but the whole Repug program after Obama got elected was to make him Carter II...anyway, sorry to digress, but they could have easily done just working with him. They could've watered down Obamacare to almost nothing, they could have done the so-called Grand Bargain (some goddamned bargain)...Obama was desperate to prove how willing HE was to compromise he would've given away the store in exchange for a few crumbs...and they could have demagogued him to oblivion (they DID demagogue his Medicare cuts, even as their own budget ... makes the exact same cuts)...anyway, by refusing to so much as tell him the time of day, they kept him from doing the very things that would've destroyed him. Funny how that goes.

    And now they're scrambling around because Trump will either be the nominee or the spoiler. Own petard? Check. Begin hoisting immediately.

    Oh, it's not a great ending -- President HRC -- but it's an ending that I'll tolerate, especially after thinking in late 2000 that Junior would be a cautious, caretaker president, given that he wasn't exactly a legitimate one. So much for my prognostication skills on that one.

    Anyway...the rain passed through over here. Hope the weekend's dry, if a little chilly...both here and up in Alexandria.

    No problem on the cat photo -- maybe I'll look it up...or content myself with good photos of good old Tigger. Ah...yeah, I still miss him, that wonderful little guy.

    Take it easy.