Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Probably A Smart Idea...Just Saying

And I mean that...seriously. Also, maybe some folks will finally realize that reasonable measures to protect public safety aren't the same thing as "they're trying to confiscate all the guns."


  1. What?? No guns allowed at the elephant gang convention? Do we live in the old (long gone) Soviet Union? By the doGs, we ha d BEST vote for the nominee of that gang then. It is our Constitutional right (reich?) to carry our guns where ever we go. Long live the 2nd amendment!
    OK, so much for my sarcastic remarks for the day. I am totally certain that there are a good number of clowns, morons, (morans also), and asshats who DO object to this rule. As to Cruz being against ANY gun free zone, well, that just shows what a low life piece of whale poop he is.
    As has been said many, many times; you can NOT fix stupid.
    Hope your week goes well.

  2. Funny how they get when it's their respective hides on the firing line. Oh, they're all for the 2nd Amendment, except for when it might negatively affect themselves personally.

    More seriously, duh: I've mentioned before that I'm not a gun owner, never have been, and at this point would probably be a nuisance or much worse without significant training (and possibly even WITH training -- I know my limitations), anyway, I don't care what guns people own. I do care that other people not get shot. And large gatherings -- like conventions, or sporting events, concerts...movies...just aren't good places for carrying.

    If people really can't stand to not be carrying...then hang out at home. Most of these events are televised anyway.

    And I REALLY don't care if, provided there's plenty of space, people shoot targets, or hunt (for food, that is -- I don't care much for trophies), or even just pop off tracer rounds for entertainment. Go ahead -- not my personal idea of a good time, but that's ok. And I don't object to gun ownership for home defense.

    That said, a political convention isn't a person's home.

    I've also said it before, so sorry to repeat, but it really is a matter of acting like a grown up versus acting like a child. And, in this case, much as I despise the wingnuts, no, I wouldn't want to see their convention turn into a shooting gallery. At that point, who knows what might happen -- President General Petreus? God, no.

    Well...not that it'll mean anything, at least until the lunacy wears off, but...maybe you can mildly shame some of the slightly less crazy ones into realizing that asking gun owners to act like grown ups isn't the same as wholesale confiscation...which will never happen anyway. Damn, you'd think gun owners would prefer that anyway...unless they're just as crazy as that asshole who shot up the theater in Lafayette, killing two very good people, and no doubt scarring the other movie goers for life, either physically if they were wounded, or mentally/PTSD (I was victim of a physical/criminal assault many years ago, and yeah, it sticks with you for some time)...

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. Take it easy.