Monday, March 28, 2016


True or not, I think this is the single sex scandal where no one wants to know any details...


  1. Well, I certainly do not want to know who Cruz slept with. I did find it odd that the guy who claims to have not planted the story mentions hypocrisy. That is such a sick joke. My opinion, if there were no hypocrisy among those running for POTUS we would have nobody from either wing of the war party trying to get the job. US politics IS all about hypocrisy. Yes, that was meant to be very cynical/sarcastic. Hey, I'm 68 and earned that attitude from experience.
    Oh, thanks for another great photo of Tigger last Friday.
    Have a good week Michael.

  2. Well, Roger Stone (the guy in the article) is, as you probably know, one of the lowest forms of life ever gifted -- somehow -- with the ability to talk and ambulate. He really is a piece of work. I'm pretty sure Karl Rove was an understudy, and Lee Atwater might have been, too. What a creep.

    Which was why I hesitated before including the link, but, what the hell? I always wanted to work on Cruz as Strangelove. Could have maybe done a bit better, but...and, ironically, like with Strangelove, I don't want to know about either's personal behavior ... yeah, I know, Strangelove's just a character in a movie...well, I wouldn't want to know anything about Edward Teller's personal life (have read Teller was an inspiration...also heard Kissinger might've been, but I doubt it: Kissinger was still kind of unknown in 1962-63...wish he'd stayed unknown).

    Well, back to stuff. Take it easy. Should be an ok week around here -- not too cold or warm, not much rain. Good.