Monday, March 14, 2016


So, some time back I ran the picture above...and I guess I need to correct the error.

There. Apologies for the mistake.


  1. Michael,
    Thanks for that link. I quit watching those Sunday shows ages ago, they ha become the same tired old cow pies way back and I just figured that cleaning the cats sand boxes was a better use of my time than trying to get any useful information from any of them.
    Well, so some folks are beginning to see how the Donald is/was a huge disaster for this country. About damn time. Not that Trump gives a flying crap, but the vast majority of people in other countries see his 'schtick' and laugh at how low (not so very) old 'Merikkka has sunk. That he has lasted this far, and looks set to keep going, is a very, very sick joke.
    I subscribe to the "Anti Empire Report" put out most every month by William Blum and his report for this month has a bit on Trump. Mr. Blum does say that IF he must vote in November and it is between Hi-Larry and Trump, he'd vote for Trump. Of course he immediately, the very next sentence, that he/we can still vote for the Greens and Jill Stein. Again, I still wish I had stayed in SoCal so I could vote for the candidate from the Peace and Freedom party.
    Hope you had a good weekend. We got enough rain here, but nowhere near what those folks got up North. I think some of them got about 24 inches last week alone. The Red will be running high here in the next day or so now, may have to try and get some photos of the Jackson Street bridge. I have some from another high water time in my photo files.
    Well, have a good week. Cheers.

  2. I got some things done over the still, alas, preserving some aspects of good old Tigger -- the back room of the house used to be his pretty much exclusively: speaking of a sand box (it's still there), on the opposite side of the room, his food bowl(s) (usually kept canned and dry, in addition to treats. As I've said, he was spoiled). Well, the bowls are of course long gone, but I'm redoing the room as more of a workshop. Added a door (will cut down on sawdust elsewhere in the house), moved the books, a pretty good weekend.

    As for Trump, well, if he does manage to slither his way in...what's the line: in a democracy, you get the government you deserve, or something like that? Yeah, if the public is dumb enough to elect such an obvious con artist...Hunter Thompson once wrote, about Nixon (paraphrasing), we've become a nation of used car salesmen with all the guns money can buy and no compunction about using time on anyone who gets in the way...all I'd add is, yeah, until the money runs out. Hard to buy bullets without cash or credit.

    Anyway...glad you weren't hit as hard as Shreveport/Bossier/Monroe. What a deluge. Around here Livingston and Ascension got hit pretty hard. And, to repeat, sorry to do so, but it bears repeating: no individual event is in itself evidence of global warming (NOT climate change -- little rat bastard Marco Rubio thought he was so cute the other night, insisting "the climate's always changing" -- asshole) -- anyway, one event isn't proof, but lots of events don't lie. And individual events sure offer a preview of "the new normal."

    Makes me wish the Peace and Freedom Party was around here as well.

    Oh, I think I saw some of your Jackson Street Bridge photos. I'll take another look.

    Back to stuff here. Trying to catch up. Busy day at work.