Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Decline And Fall...


It's time to stop treating him like a phenomenon. He is a creature of the forces that created the modern Republican establishment, which arranged the party's centers of power in such a fashion that, sooner or later, a demagogue like He, Trump was going to emerge to hijack the party. Every time George H.W. Bush listened to Lee Atwater, and every time his son listened to Karl Rove, they helped hasten the day when He, Trump would force the party to reckon with the choices it had made. Every time they finagled the vote, in Florida in 2000 or in Ohio four years later, they hastened the day when there would be no coherent institutional moral force to bring to bear against a candidate whose entire platform is that He is Trump, you're not, and neither are these other losers, and also winning! Every time they ginned up fear and hatred for the purposes of winning elections, and then turned it off once the voting was over, they hastened the day when the relief valves would break down entirely and the people would find someone who promised to carry their fear and their hatred into office with him and convert them into public policy. It's a little late now for regrets, I'm thinking.


  1. Absolutely right on target Michael. Trump IS the creation of the moronic elephant gang. I'd put the blame on 'saint' Ronnie of Raygun for it. Also, while reading your commentary here, I could not help hearing in my worn out old brain that Sinatra song; "I did it my way". Well, that gang of moronic fools DID do it their way. As Rude Pundit said on his blog today, once 'saint' Ronnie allowed Falflat and Pt (the fat) into the 'big tent' Trump was damn near inevitable. This very well could spell the end of that gang as we have known it for these past decades. My take on that; tough shit guys and gals, you let this shit happen. Hell, they made it happen. Once you jump onto the crazy train you are on till it hits the end of the line.
    My only wish is that when that gang does self destruct, we finally get at least one more real party that will take up the cause and really work FOR the working class and the poor folks. Maybe we will get some sanity and actual adults who know that thinking, critical thinking is very much required and the idea of long term is NOT this quarters profit statements.
    Well, hell, I am no doubt asking way too much in that line above. Well, maybe so, but at my age I think I have earned some rights to try to see some positives from any disaster. Actually, the demise of the current elephant gang is not any sort of disaster in my opinion. As my email signature says; they told me I could be anything I wanted to be. So I became sarcastic. I am being serious though. I wish we do finally get a party that will stand up for working people and the poor people and put some real sanity into the way we run this country. One thing should be obvious even to a blind person, things cannot continue as they have been for these past decades. Thanks loads there Ronnie, you rat bastard. Oh, and piss on the vile bitch Nancy as well.
    On a truly sarcastic note, any time some fool asks you to vote Republican, do as the vile creature Nancy said to do; just say NO.
    OK, that's more than enough of this old guy for now. Take care and have a good end of the week.

  2. Yep, hoist, own petard. Reagan is certainly the crown jewel...well, if crowns and jewels were made out of shit. The Goldwateristas were nuts in their own way, but dropping the Xtian right into the mix made it even more toxic.

    Aside: for that, alas, I think Jimmy Carter gets a bit of a dishonorable mention: sure, he's from the branch of Xtians who at least try to practice what they preach, but by being so public about it, he opened up a big lane for the tribalist Xtains to bull their way through.

    In contrast, while not being much of a JFK fan, now that I have some understanding, I appreciate his rhetoric about keeping faith and public service separate.

    Oh, and I didn't have any use for Nightmare Nancy Reagan either. I'll just leave it at that...

    Anyway, I've been reading a bit here and there -- I think Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone -- about how some of the GOP'ers (Christie, Sessions...what a creep he is) and a few others are gloming on to Trump in hopes of cashing in if, Flying Spaghetti Monster forbid, he somehow gets elected. Creeps.

    And Cruz, now the only potentially "viable" alternative, is hooking up with the genuinely deranged Frank Gaffney and, if I remember, Eliott Abrams. Yeah, if you liked the last Texan president.

    So...bad, worse...and total fucking nightmare...are the choices left. Shit.

    Otherwise...getting some rain again, but it should push through, then a bit of colder temps to end the week. That's ok by me. Hope this latest round didn't hit Alexandria too hard.

    Take it easy.