Thursday, March 17, 2016

Oh, What The Hell, One More Swipe At Trump This Week...

Because why not, and besides, this is as Banana Republic (in the old school sense of the term, not the store or website or whatever it is now) Banana Republic as it gets...


  1. A life time ban on ever saying anything remotely negative about the Donald? While he might have one hell of a time trying to enforce it, he does seem to enjoy suing people "just because". On further thought, can you expect less of this clown show/"reality TV" personality?
    As to his "make 'Merikkka great" bullshit campaign, the wife saw a post on her farcebook page the other day. It said we should stop buying shredded cheese, that way we can make America grate again. Yes, word play. Dad used to intentionally mispronounce certain words, usually Spanish names of cities/streets after we moved to SoCal. He did it to see if I knew the correct pronunciations. He and I did all sorts of word play over the years. It has been some time since I did much of that. Folks around here are too literal most of the time for my type of humor.
    I said some years back that all those jobs that got off shored will come back, but not until the average wage for workers in this country fall to third world status. Want good skilled jobs to return, make the country a third world banana republic, very, very light emphasis on the republic part.
    Oh, as you must know, this country has never been a real democracy. It was not set up to be one as the sainted founders were frightened of the common folks. One had to be a white skinned property owner to vote in the early days of the Constitution. As old Ben Franklin is supposed to have said when asked what the country was after the Constitution was finally ratified, we got a "republic, IF you can keep it". Well, we lost it many long years ago I think.
    OK, enough from me for now. Probably too much.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Yeah, grate again. Small groan, but...not bad, all in all.

    You also bring up another sacred cow that turns out to be not all that sacred for the wingers: lawsuits. Hell, just saying "trial lawyer" was enough to bring on wingnut rage, but I guess it's OK when it's their guy, eh?

    Well...Guess it could be worse. I'd rather see the loons sniping at each other than uniting behind the guy. And earlier this week -- if you poke around, you can find it or the reaction -- some nutzoid named Kevin Williamson at National Review basically slammed the GOP base with all the usual slurs reserved for minorities.

    To repeat myself, when your enemy is drowning, throw them an anvil. Actually, I think the real expression is throw them an anchor, given that boats don't routinely carry anvils...but I like the idea of having one on board. After all, what else would you do with an anvil on a boat, other than take it out for a special occasion?

    Anyway...the rain just picked up over here, and will continue through tomorrow. Hope it clears up by Sunday. Hope your own weekend is ok enough.

    Take it easy.