Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Jocko Trumpo

Or is it Jocko Drumpfo? Whatever it is, Matt Taibbi makes a good case: the party that foisted Junior on us can't complain when a free-range moron is within spitting distance of grabbing the brass ring...


  1. Well, at least old Cruz did win in Texas. Damn, those Texicans seem unable to learn anything. W. was elected as their governor, and then Perry was as well.
    Ah, but Trump seems to have been the overall winner sat night. That does scare the crap out of the elephant gang. Well, as Taibbi stated quite clearly,they created this situation when they dumped W. Shrub on us, for eight whole years! Trump is the creation of the loons who control, maybe used to control is a better way of saying it, the elephant gang. Oh man alive, IF Trump does win enough delegates to lock up the nomination we just may actually see a real revolution in US politics. I don't doubt that Sanders could beat him in November, but it looks more and more like Hi-Larry (Bill the Butcher {he has an outstanding blog by the way {link at my davidambrose blog site} calls her; Killary, will be grabbing the nomination for the donkey gang. She will no doubt beat Trump no matter how low down and dirty he gets. Yes, I know, he has been using gutter tactics already, but remember, these primaries are just the warm up, wait till the general election when the gives really come off and all the marbles are up for grabs. I have read many times how this will be the most expensive election ever, as if the last two weren't costly, but man, this one will get very, very nasty. Profane is as close as I can figure now, trying damn hard to stay polite with my language.
    'Merikkka, what a country. And so it goes……this is what we get for short changing our education system for so long, a nation of ignorant people who enjoy being ignorant. Almost, operative word almost, males me sort of wish I had some god to believe in so I'd be able to pray for 'divine' help. Well, I do like dogs, they are good friends, but as you know by now, cats are number one. Any other critters are a distant second. For the record I have had dogs, my first pet as a rust colored cocker spaniel. Cats though, well, you know about cats, they are just so cool.
    Hope your week is going good. Take care.
    I could not think of any comment last night, so I didn't post one. Some days, well, the news and life just leaves a person feeling so damn empty.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation on Bill the Butcher -- I'll give him a look. But yeah, you reap what you sow, and Trump's the harvest. I posted a link above, but here's a pretty good follow up to the Taibbi article

    Yep, there was Junior Bush...then Sarah Palin...and now The Donald. History repeats, first as tragedy, then as farce...then as Trump, I guess. And it all started with old Ronnie, and the decision by the GOP to forget about reality and appeal to the basest prejudices and smarmiest myths.

    As for HRC, as I've said, I won't cheer, but I'll accept her. I'm too damn old to deal with a Trump administration...hell, emigration just isn't in my game plan. Sanders would definitely be better, but the puke funnel would savage him. Even if he managed to pull out a win, it'd be vicious and ugly. Let Clinton and what's left of the Rethugs stalemate each other for four years, and maybe, just maybe in 2020 -- a census/redistricting year--enough Democrats will vote to make for...modest change. And modest change is about all we can really expect. Yeah, not particularly optimistic, but better than the USA as a nuclear armed banana republic.

    As for dogs and cats, well, I grew up with both, first in a Norfolk, Virginia, suburb, then in rural Loosiana. Both are fine, but being more urban these days, I'm more of a cat fan. And I've been very lucky with the cats I've had. Oh, sure, I spoiled them, but it was hopefully win-win...they spoiled me as well. Both -- my first one was a great buddy, and Tigger was my great little guy.

    Anyway...gotta deal with getting the garbage out...oh, and speaking of garbage, guess I'll watch the clown show debate tonight. Oh, and speaking of clowns, the last paragraph in the link above is a real good one.

    Take it easy.