Thursday, March 03, 2016

OK, Dust Off The Mitt Bot

The Rubio-bot's been moved back into inventory if not surplus, and it's not like there's much left on the bench...Ouch.

Oh, only somewhat related, but this one's a good read...


  1. Poor lil' Marco, he lost the support of Faux Noise. Well, to me that loss would be a huge plus, but then I am neither an elephant gang member nor a member of the donkey gang. While I know I told you I voted for the Peace and Freedom party when I lived in SoCal, so they were/are socialists, I did four years honorable service in the USMC and a tour in Vietnam, so I can vote as I wish. So can every other registered voter in this country, for now any way. See how I will not comment on how long that will be true? Yeah, I can be sort of sneaky like that. I remember the days of my mis-spent youth, those four years in USMC come to mind right off the top, we were told to not trust anybody over the age of 30. Well nuts, I hit 68 last December, in the bloody hospital to boot, but now days, well for decades, I do not trust the gummint. That gang is very sneaky, underhanded, nasty, and we need to keep close tabs on them. At all levels.
    The "Esquire" article on the Trump/Romney "feud" is priceless! I am still smiling as I try and type this reply. Yes, I posted the first bit before reading the "Esquire" bit. Oh man, two clowns who inherited their wealth calling each other such unkind names. Hey, pot, meet kettle. Oh man, this one is so good it could be a keeper, except I wish both of those overinflated egos would just vaporize into outer space, now. Poor Mittens, he couldn't win the last time he ran. Well, he didn't really run, it was more of a sedate walk, or was that his wife and her horse? I know, now I am getting nasty. Well, in politics, if you can't take the heat….etc, etc, etc…….LOLMAO!
    Oh, that last link is also damn good. Yes, they dumped the failin' Palin on us, then they tried out old Mittens, now we have Trump. What a mess they made of their own stupid party. Well, they opened the doors to the loon crowd, now let them deal with that bunch of morons. The trouble is, we, as in the rest of us who are not members of the elephant gang, will need to deal with the crazies for years to come, decades even, maybe. Once again, I'd not trade places with anybody in their 20's-30's even with perfect health and decent job skills for anything. Not enough money in the entire world for that to happen. I'll stay an aged, broken down 68 and hope my end isn't too far off thanks all the same. I do actually have great compassion for the young folks. In particular those little kids who were born in these last few minutes and up to and including those who are about to graduate high school and even state colleges. They will have to really work like hell just to stay in place. Good grief, imagine a life time of running flat out just so you don't fall behind where you started! Well, what has passed themselves off as our 'leaders' in the recent decades sure made a damn miserable mess of this country. I tried my best to stay informed and keep up with what was happening and even talked to anybody who would listen or even pretend to listen. Fat lot of good I did. Well, I did my best and nobody can ever do more than that.
    I have no stomach for the clown show. I'll read about it tomorrow on the web. My ulcer is healing, or so I think it is. This month that doctor will schedule another scope to check it out I guess. I have been saying for more than a few years that I am way past my sell by date. Just glad my Dad didn't live to see this mess. Holy cats! Dad would be 100 this year had he survived that aortal aneurism back in November 1980.
    Well, take care and stay safe/sane. I know the sane part is getting damn difficult in the US of A lately.

  2. Yeah, had the exact same reaction to Romney calling out Trump. Jealousy from the Mitt-bot? His first honest-to-god human reaction I'm aware of...

    And the Palin to Trump...well, probably started with Reagan, or even Goldwater, or maybe Reagan shilling for Goldwater. Just my .000002 cents worth, but it's always easy to appeal to ignorance, because all of us are ignorant in our own way. There's so much stuff I don't have the first clue about, and a decent enough con artist -- like Trump -- can always find a way to expose the ignorance of their enemies...and exploit the ignorance of their followers. Makes it difficult, especially if you have an ounce of conscience.

    Bush Junior was part of the same shit sandwich...Bush Senior wasn't much better, though he ran into a buzzsaw with Bill Clinton...come to think of it, not much better either, I've said, it's always been and always will be mostly lesser of evils...though at least tomorrow I've got a more positive vote. I'm registered as a Democrat, so I can vote in the primary...

    Otherwise...good luck with the endoscope. Yikes.

    I'm gonna keep my comment pretty short. Gotta get in the kitchen. Fridays and weekends are cooking days. Leaves the rest of the week to try to keep up...and I'd like to add a bit more reading and a few other things to the mix. So, have a good weekend. And you didn't miss a thing with the clown show, as you probably know now. Amazing that the corporate media will still try to tell us that these are legitimate candidates. Damn...

    Take it easy.