Monday, February 29, 2016

Um, You Remember What Actually Happened At The Alamo, Right?

So, Ted's bringing the spirit of the Alamo to his campaign. Good luck with that...


  1. For my old, now long lost, photos, I shot black & white and had my own dark room. I could develop and print right at home. Bulk film was cheaper also and I rolled my own cassettes, a bit tricky until you got the hang of it. I'd taken some classes at the local Community College and had the use of the dark room there before we converted one spare bedroom into the dark room. I also gave hand coloring a try and did a few fairly good ones. Never got Sherie to do any darkroom work though. She did finally start taking photos after I got her a nice 35mm Canon before we went on a cruise.
    Oh boy, them Texicans and that old Alamo. Jeez! They LOST that battle and actually they were told to abandon the place, but stubborn slave owners, Travis (I think he did) and Bowie (actually had at least one of his slaves at the damn place) wanted to be heroes. Well, as my DI in the Marines said to our platoon once, you are supposed to make the other poor bastard die for his country/cause. He'd asked us all who among us was willing to die for the country. By this time I'd figured that most every question the Di's asked were loaded, big time. I didn't raise my hand, some did. He told us all, in no uncertain terms, that then we'd be useless as dead cannot fight. Damn fool Texicans. Well, I suppose pity poor Cruz (I won't to be honest) should he fail to win in Texas tomorrow. Looks more and more like the monster the elephant gang created (Trump) will lock up the nomination before the summer gets here.
    Gawd! What a country.
    Well, hope your week goes well. Take it easy.

  2. Ah, yes, good old Tri-X, if that's how it was spelled. Cool. A friend of mine had an enlarger and other equipment, but that was several lifetimes ago. Back when Raygun was an embarrassment...not that he isn't anymore, but the sliding scale that produces Cruz and Trump...

    Well, looks like Cruz gets to be Bowie, Travis, and Davy Crockett, even if he ekes out a win in Texas. Oh, he'll continue on as long as he's got money to go with his inflated ego, but Donald Trump is...the front runner and presumptive nominee of one of the two major political parties. Now, to be sure, I agree with you that HRC is a tool, but my expectations have never been much...but Trump? Hell, he makes George W. look like Pericles, and that alone is unbelievable...using the literal definition of unbelievable, i.e., something that cannot be believed. Well...the die is cast. least I can focus on work -- have a bit of a project to keep busy with (and it justifies our existence, which is a good thing). Take it easy as well, and guess I'll go catch returns before giving up and watching Guns, Germs, and Steel. Have the book, haven't finished it, and saw one of the Natl Geographic episodes several years ago. Borrowed the series from the public library here using something called Overdrive. A very nice service. Sort of like Netflix (which I don't have, but might get once I cut out my cable TV). Well, off to the returns...