Monday, May 02, 2016

So, Jerry Brown Knows How to Drop a Microphone, Too

OK, more figurative than literal -- and with some help from Photoshop -- but Brown schools Bat Boy Rick Scott on the realities of global warming...

The full text of the letter is here.


  1. Well how about them apples! Old governor moonbeam went and did something really great. I read both the links and he is absolutely correct.
    Personally, after the 2000 election (we did supposedly have one that year) I was all for paying Cuba big bucks to take Florida off our hands. I'd even have done my small part to build a big fence or wall along the land border with Florida. I'd have let anybody who was dumb enough go to Florida, but nobody would be allowed out. Armed patrol boats all around the coasts to ensure that. Armed aircraft patrolling the skies to prevent any aircraft from trying to get out also. Yes, I know, not everybody who lives in that swamp is totally nuts, but it seems to me that far too many of them are.
    Oh, in case you hadn't figured it out, I can be very nasty at times. I have next to zero tolerance for stupid and the older I get, the less tolerance for I have for stupid.

  2. Hell, I was born in Florida -- obviously didn't have much choice in the matter -- but I wouldn't mind it getting sawed off and allowed to float away. Of course, in a generation or so, we won't have to worry: Florida will be under water. Literally.

    And southern Loosiana will be joining them

    The Rude Pundit has a good take on this today.

    Of course, if/when "real" 'merikuns are affected, the howling to do something will be deafening. Until then, crickets...and the regular insistence that the lazy/slothful deserve their grim fate.


    Well, maybe by that time the rest of the country will take some pity, even though we don't deserve it...and maybe something can and will be done. They'll see. I'd say we'll see, but...guess my time will be up by then.

    Take it easy.