Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Congratulations, GOP, Part II

Oh, why not kick 'em when they're down...anyway, was thinking about Turdblossom's quote today while scanning the reaction to the train wreck.

No, a Democratic victory in November isn't automatic, but it's mostly theirs to lose thanks to the GOP base deciding their their favored candidate is...ironically, is a northeast urbanite whose accomplishments don't amount to much more than ... not blowing his share of the inheritance on hookers and cocaine.

To be sure, he's plenty crude enough to capture the wingnut zeitgeist, and his career in television certainly helped. But...damn.

Again, no real need to link to anything here. 2016 goes down as interesting times, at least when it comes to electoral politics.


  1. Oh, absolutely, DO kick them while they are down. Remember, I was a US Marine and we were taught that kicking the opponent when he was down is a good thing. Plus, when he/she is down, you don't have to raise your foot so high to kick them.
    I agree that the donkey gang does NOT have the general election all wrapped up. Even Rude said so today at his blog. I agree with both of you. It can still be a loss for the donkey gang. They are masters at screwing up a 'sure thing'.
    I am so disgusted with both the 'major' parties this election cycle. Well, I have despised them both for decades and have been a registered member of the socialist Peace and Freedom party when I still lived in SoCal and have been registered as an independent since moving to Louisiana. I detest the donkey crew for their constant junk mail telling me how they need my vote. I send the forms back, no money ever sent to them, telling them to stop as I am not, nor ever have been a registered democratic party member. I would like to live long enough to see the old democratic republic come back, but that is asking way too much. Almost like asking for common sense and common courtesy to be restored as normal.
    Yes, basically I agree with you about the younger generations, they do seem addicted to their cell phones (OK, ok, smart phones) and farcebook, etc.. Still, they do seem to have fewer of the old folks hang ups and are more accepting of others as they are, not as somebody else thinks they should be.
    Holy crap, I almost sound positive/optimistic there. LOL, well, about time, and maybe I'll be here to see them take over and make this a better world for all of us.

  2. I think we should stay positive, all in all -- the future won't be particularly good, what with global warming...but as I said in passing yesterday, it's not like the step downs of The Dark Ages or the 12-14th Century BC, when it all really DID go to hell. I think people have advanced a bit.

    And the next generation might just be smart enough to recognize that it's not hoarding toys/commodities that's the key to, if not happiness, some contentment. There's plenty of toys to go around, and plenty of pain without, well, inflicting it sadistically on others. Sure, you've got the wingnuts and fundies over here, the fundies over there, etc., but...things are getting better...albeit slowly.

    Well, I'm a little tired today, so might even turn in early. Take it easy.