Thursday, May 05, 2016

Desperately Seeking A Sign

Paul Ryan diligently checks the political winds.


  1. Seeing as how Ryan is representing Wisconsin, I am very happy Dad moved us to SoCal in 1959. I may have mentioned this before, I was born in Wisconsin. Dad might be spinning in his grave in SoCal knowing that clowns like Ryan got elected in his home state. Of course what they have as governor isn't much better than our last governor either.
    So, Ryan wants another 'saint' Ronnie? Or he'd settle for another dishonest Abe, who was a railroad lawyer before he got to D.C. as POTUS. Yeah, we 'need' another acting POTUS like Ronnie. Um, the same way we need another hole in our heads that is.
    Ryan wanted a contested convention so he and the party elites could rig it so Trump would be left out. Well, Cruz quit and I see that so has the Ohio governor and former congress member. Hmm, that leaves just the Donald. Suck it up elephant gang, you clowns set the stage for this. As my grandpa would have said, they made their bed, now let them sleep in it.
    One more reason to love cats, they don't crap in their own beds. Too bad that the elephant gang never got along with cats. Cats are way too smart to have anything to do with them.
    Hope your weekend goes well. Cheers.

  2. Krugman's probably summed it up as good as anyone, and he even cites Norm Ornstein, not exactly a flaming librul: The GOP's been off the rails for some time, and Ryan's as much an example of the problem as anyone. They mouth certain platitudes for the rubes/masses that appeal to their inner selfishness and, well, ignorance, and ... voila: they've got someone mouthing the same nonsense, just more television ready, even if his hair and skin look like something Trump Enterprises would import from overseas and slap a brand name on.

    Great for fooling the masses. Doesn't do so good when you're trying to run a country, much less a superpower.

    So, they're all going to play along like Trump's a real candidate...and let's hope like hell something crazy doesn't happen to make him one. Because then all bets are off. know, I don't think I've ever seen Trump near a cat. Probably doesn't get along with them. Because yeah, cats are too smart.

    Likewise, hope your weekend goes well. The weather should be nice. Sunday is another grill day if the forecast holds.

    Take it easy.