Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Congratulations, GOP

Your presumptive nominee. Enjoy...

Not even going to bother with a link. Good, bad, indifferent, there's plenty of stuff out there.


  1. Yeah, I saw the headline where Cruz quit the race for POTUS. Poor lil' feller, well, he'd have been a total loss in the job any way. Now it sire does look like Trump has it locked up. Sad for the country, tough beans and hard cheese for the elephant gang.
    As to the loss of land from rising sea levels, I also read Rude and his comments on Louisiana. Wow, what a mess. One thing struck me, and Rude, that is the cost to move a relatively small number of people. Well, it IS the gummint doing the moving so no real surprise I suppose. I remember reading some time back that Louisiana loses a football field worth of land every day, or was that every hour? Either way, it is a hell of a loss and getting worse as time goes by. Yeah, as you say, maybe when NYC is 10 feet under water the powers that be may finally wake up. I sure hope my sell by date has come and gone long before then. Truthfully, I AM past my sell by date, just getting by on borrowed time for the last few years. Now I have no idea how I managed to 'borrow' this extra time, but I am actually looking forward to my end. Yep, a bit depressed today, well the last few days in fact. 27 years of chronic, nasty back pain can get to even an old former combat Marine type. At least I admit to any and all that the emphysema is my own doing. Smoked those cigarettes for 50 years until I finally woke up and quit tobacco. No, don't pat my back, it and my right shoulder are giving me fits recently. Arthritis is a real nasty pain.
    Sorry to complain, just remember my rule number two, never feel sorry for me. My rule number one; be nice to each other. Oh, a corollary to rule 2, never apologize to me. See, I'm easy with rules, just the two. Of course rule 1 isn't always an easy one to live up to, but we all need to try. We only have this one planet and one life and I have found that being nice to everybody, as much as possible, is a good way to live this life.
    Well, OK, I am now putting the old soap box back in the shed. Take care Michael and have a good week.

  2. Well, here's hoping you stay around for a while longer...a long while longer. I enjoy reading/listening to what you have to say, and I think your family appreciates you quite a bit more than that.

    As for Trump/Drumpf, the wingnuts have spoken. Wow. They really do want to drag everyone down to their level. And they can, with some luck...bad luck for the rest of us, but with luck and/or stupidity by the Dems, who certainly are capable in wholesale quantities. But...I remain optimistic, even as I agree with your assessment on the costs of moving just a few folks. What happens when Miami, Jacksonville, Norfolk...DC...hell, the eastern seaboard, where a good chunk of the population resides, crumbles away? It's going to be ... interesting, and not in a good way.

    But I'm still mildly optimistic, as I said: whenever people complain about "the kids these days" I think, well...yeah, in some ways they're just like kids across time...but in other ways they're really impressive, despite being given a pretty shitty deal. And...it's not like civilization will collapse, at least I don't think it will collapse, along the lines of the Dark Ages, or, worse, the 12-14th century BC, when things REALLY fell apart. No, there's enough knowledge to save things, provided people don't really give in to stupid selfishness...not necessarily a given, but...

    Anyway...time to get to things over here. Sorry for the extra picture of Trump, but it hit me that the Gibbon book cover (Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire) was a good place to drop it. And I couldn't help but think that, while it's hardly true justice, Karl Rove WILL be at least figuratively munching on a big old shit sandwich for a while. Too bad Junior and Dick Cheney aren't joining him.

    Take it easy.