Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Connect the 28.8 Modem...

...dial up your ISP, listen to the connection tone squawk...because if you wanted to relive the 1990s, or at least the bad parts...


  1. I m going to be honest and tell you right off, I did not read the links you posted here. Too damn wore out. It has been an extra busy week for me. Today made three days straight of getting on the road by 7:30 Am to get the wife to her appointments.
    No, I am not asking for any sympathy. Personally, As a work friend of mine way back in 1980 used to say; you want sympathy, it's in the dictionary between sex and syphilis. While it was a sort of joke, it IS actually true, you can verify by checking any dictionary.
    OK, on to your topic. Trump is an ass. I am reminded of what my grandparents said way back when I was a kid;People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. That applies very well to the Donald. This guy has gone bankrupt at least 4 times we know of, how many don't we know about? Also, how many times has this clown been married? Talk about "success". Oh tight, he "makes deals". Well, governing a country is not the same as making business deals, many of his are absolute failures. Trump Vodka? Trump steaks? Trump University, which was recently in some internet article where at least one former student (aka; sucker) is suing for fraud. I also seem to remember there being a class action law suit against Trump University. Again, great success there Donald old boy.
    The clown is a goddamn bully. I bet when he was a kid he got his ass kicked, and often. Too bad the other kids never knocked any sense into his empty, self inflated ego. He inherited most of his wealth from daddy. Yeah, a "great 'Merikkkan success story" for sure. he made his fortune the old fashioned way, he inherited from some poor fool who worked like hell to amass a fortune then handed it to an ungrateful, and very spoiled brat kid. The Donald is STILL that same brat kid and very spoiled. Well, let him be POTUS. It would be a hoot to watch him try and ram his crapola through a congress which may most likely have both houses totally against him. Imagine the tantrum he'd throw, on national TV even when his demands get shot down by a nearly 99% vote against his "ideas"/demands. Compare him to old Adolph/Benito, hell toss in Stalin and Pol Pot even Mao if you will, but he will be fodder for every fourth rate wanna be comic around the entire globe should he win the office come November. Hi-Larry is a total neo-con. Sure she comes at that more or less, mostly less, from the supposed "left" of the spectrum, but not nearly as far "left" as Nixon was. Remember, old Dick got the EPA going, also OSHA and other decent programs. He supposedly was even for a type of real national health care system, but didn't have the guts to push it through congress.
    Yes, this comment IS a rant and to an extent an angry one. Anger at the way this country has been run into the damn sewer by those who "rule" over a nearly destroyed working class and the poor folks who cannot find decent employment as nearly every decent paying skilled job has been off shored to some third world place where people work for one dollar a day or less. Thank Mr. Hi-Larry for THAT shit! Bill Bob Bubba Clintstone was ALL for the goddamn vile NAFTA. Crazy old Perot WAS right about NAFTA. Remember his comment about "that sucking sound" if NAFTA became law? Yeah, even crazy old Ross had a few functioning brain cells.

    Please feel free to edit or even delete this comment. I apologize for the long winded rant on your blog. Hell, I got worse than this on my old blog "Charlies Corner". Yeah, I cussed like a Marine on that old blog when I started it. Hey, I was one damn angry person then. LOL, that reminds me of another ancient "joke" it goes like this; "I see said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw". It probably works better when spoken out loud to another person than it does by reading it.

    Take care young man. Cheers.

  2. Cheers as well. Don't worry about the links -- they're nothing you haven't seen, if not the actual articles, the theme for sure.

    And yeah, Trump's a bully. Hence, my little post today. The way to deal with a bully is to pop his balloon. Laugh at him. Ridicule.

    To be fair, this week's been on this little site most-if-not-all Trump, well...because he is hogging the political headlines, and this little corner of the internet is political. It's also because hey, I'm still trying to budget my time, and it's easy to follow the trends. But it's also because, why not?

    To tell the truth, the more I look/think/read, the more I believe the Trump window is rapidly closing. Oh, they'll prop him up to sell us (eyeballs for advertisers, via newspapers, websites, TV, whatever), but Trump's the national equivalent of Carl Paladino, the guy in New York who got into the runoff it Andrew Cuomo? And Cuomo is about on par with HRC -- the lesser of evils, and that's about it. Hell, Cuomo might even be a bit worse than HRC, given his way-too-cozy relationships with all sorts of creeps (like Chris Christie, for one). But I'd still take Cuomo over Paladino, and HRC over Donald the Dipshit.

    I guess in this scenario, Sanders is roughly the equivalent of Zephyr Teachout, who I think is ... well, wonderful. She lost to Cuomo in the Democratic Primary (I think). Oh, they tried to mark her as a lightweight, but no...she did quite well, considering the lack of resources/the establishment lining up against her...

    But enough of my own rant.

    Hope you and your wife are getting along as best as you can. Take it easy.