Tuesday, May 24, 2016

On Cue...

The Puke Funnel. This time with weird hair. It's going to be a long six months...


  1. Oh crap. What cruel critters we have running for elected office in this country. The man is dead and buried. Leave him be. Oh, how do his widow and kids feel about his being dragged back from the grave to be used as a part of a political campaign? I bet they are not very happy about it. If it were my dad or somebody close to me, I'd be highly pissed off at the critter who is doing this shit. Shame on the politicians and office seekers. Shame on the majority of 'Merikkkans who eat this crap up as if it were freshly made cake with nice frosting on it.
    What a country, this not so very old 'Merikkka.

  2. Yeah, and the fact that they love this kind of bottom feeding tells us quite a bit about them. We're talking some creepy, genuinely lame-ass folks. And hey, it's not like I'm Mr. Wonderful, but I'm at least capable of basic manners and common decency, and I say that as someone who once photoshopped a picture of Bush Junior eating a shit sandwich.

    Politics can be rough in a democracy with at least the veneer of free speech. But at a certain point...maturity? Some? And yes, respect for the dead, in this case, from what I can tell, a fairly decent guy who was dealing with serious depression issues.

    I mean, damn, if the guy was a monster, that'd be one thing...

    Like I've said, I'll never get all enthused about HRC -- I didn't get enthused about Obama, for that matter -- but when you look at the depths to which the opposition has slithered to in attempting to slime her.