Thursday, May 26, 2016

Here's How To Deal With Donald Trump

Mostly skipped any Photoshop stuff. But, read this, and it hit me, for whatever it's worth: the way to deal with Trump is ridicule. Laugh at him. Bullies can't stand that.

Check out the expression. That guy's one eyelash away from a Three Mile Island style meltdown or worse. And sure, it won't sway his hard-core supporters. But nothing will, so don't bother with them. Go for everyone else.

Politics 101...


  1. I think the author of the link is onto something either very close to the truth or even the truth about Trump. He is a clown and enjoys being the clown. OK, we are supposed to laugh at clowns, so, I will laugh at him. I won't vote for him, but I'll laugh at him. Heck, that will be easy. The guy is a joke, a very sick joke, but still a joke. That he will likely be in the general election as the candidate for one of the two mani parties of this country does say much about where we as a country are though. In the damn gutter.
    We're both doing OK. The wife just had more than one regularly scheduled appointments this week. I am not much of an early morning person since I don't have cats around any more. Not that the cats would demand I get up and moving at any certain time. They knew I was an old night owl and allowed me time to wake up, but once I got moving, it was fill the food dishes, get fresh water, and clean the sand boxes…….LOL. I miss those days.
    Take care and have a good weekend. Indy 500, the 100th running this Sunday. Glad we have 2 TV sets. Just in case she wants to watch something different.

  2. Tigger understood that if it was VERY early, he'd have to get by on what was in the bowl from the previous evening. But eventually I'd get up and take care of him before anything else. That's just how it worked. And he never hurt for food. At least a couple of cans were opened each day, plus fresh kibble daily...and treats.

    Worth every penny.

    Glad y'all are ok. Enjoy the race. As a very young kid my parents took me to the track. Dad was from Indiana. We did a lap around -- obviously not in a race car. It was a van with all the other tourists. I remember the museum, and wish now I'd been a bit older...would appreciate the older cars quite a bit more, if only to marvel at how primitive they were, and yet still state of the art for speed at the time...and took quite a bit of guts to ride/push to the limits.

    I even remember Jim Hurtubise (had to look up the spelling) try to qualify a front engine roadster sometime in the late 70s or early 80s, back when they televised that. Am a little young to remember when they made up the field (mid-late 60s I guess saw that era end).

    As for Trump, yes, he's fine with being the clown...or the smart ass. That's when he's in on the joke. But when he IS the could run a train on the steam coming out of his ears...

    Well, enjoy the weekend. We're going to get some rain early, I think, but it'll clear up in time to get the yard mowed...otherwise, I might just watch the race myself...

    Take it easy.