Friday, May 13, 2016


Six months as of yesterday. Still miss you, little guy.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Thanks for sharing another photo of Tigger. Oh yeah, cats in sinks, cats in boxes……..just so cool no matter how many times I see this sort of photo. Brings back many fond memories of my own having shared my life with many cats over my life.
    As to Trump, he is a pure hypocrite. He can take crap from the past to sling at his opponents, but if they use something he did or said at any past time, even from a time that is closer to now than what he is using against them, well, THAT shit is totally unfair. See, with a hypocrite like the Donald, he can be critical of anybody for anything they did at any time in the past/ At the same time, any and all criticism of him is off limits/over the top/unfair/out of bounds. Yes, he demanded that Mittens open up his tax returns last election, but now Trump says his taxes are off limits and "none of our business". All I can add is this; pot, meet kettle.
    Hope your weekend goes well. Nice that you just needed new batteries for the thermostat. I am going to ask maintenance if they will replace the old thermostat in this apartment with a digital one. Not a programable type, just a digital readout type. I'll buy it if they'll install it. Don't want to try it as we just rent the place. If I still was at the old house, I'd just do it myself. Easier to get things done when you own the place.
    Well, enjoy the cool of the a/c and have a great weekend.

  2. Yeah, I'm still keeping an eye out on the thermostat, but so far, it's working ok. Yeah, glad it was just the batteries, weird thing was that I had to swap the positions of the two AA cells before they started to work. Not the polarity, that was fine, but for some reason they wouldn't register until I swapped places. Strange.

    But, as long as it works. And, speaking of works, got the weekend chores done, and even was able to indulge in Mary Beard videos over the weekend. Just finished her recent book SPQR, a history of Rome. Nothing a reasonably read amateur historian wouldn't know already, for the most part, but I'll never get tired of reading about the Empire...even if it was, well, rather on the fascist side for the most part. The more things change...

    Anyway, dealing with rain over here for the next day or so. So it goes.

    By the way, hope they do change out your own thermostat, though I don't recommend Honeywell. That said, this one is, damn at least 8 years old, if I remember, and I think the digital ones have gotten better since then.

    Take it easy.

  3. Oh, and thanks for the continued good words about Tigger. Because hey, I"m not exaggerating when I say he was one really, really good cat. Cheers to him and his memory.