Thursday, May 12, 2016

The New Trump

You know, like The New Nixon (or, for those who remember, The New Dick)...ok, maybe I exaggerate a bit, but they'll certainly do what they can to mitigate the toxic fallout.


  1. In all honesty, I'd rather their stupid party would self destruct, fast.
    So Ryan and Trump had a little chat about unity, big deal, does any sane human being care? Again, let them shoot each other in both feet and allow those of us who actually care about this country and the working class and poor folks get on with making things better for us all.
    Hope you have a good week, even if you have to go for jury duty, you may not get on one. Happened to me a few years back, spent the most of a day just waiting, went for lunch break, then more waiting. They did manage to call up about 15 names, not mine and that was it. Those not called just went home.
    As one sign on a web site says; "The system isn't broke. It was designed this way."

  2. We'll see on the jury duty. Meanwhile, a minor crisis: the batteries on the thermostat died...a balmy 84 degrees in here right now. But, I think after a false alarm, I've got the new batteries in place and hopefully set. (update: a/c just kicked on -- good).

    Might also give up on the programmable thermostat and pick up a cheep mechanical one. This Honeywell model is more trouble than it's worth. Wish the first (mechanical) one had never failed in the first place. Grrr...

    Otherwise...saw that Trump called called out for being his own sock puppet back in the early 90s, I guess before sock puppet was an internet term. Internet slang means you adopt a pen name and sing your own the 90s it was Trump adopting a pseudonym and doing the same over the phone.

    But according to The Donald, that's unfair...though digging up decades old dirt on others is fine. Figures. What a thin skinned twerp.

    His tax returns nonsense are equally inane. Oh, it's going to be fun watching the wingnuts reactions when they realize they've been conned/cheated. I've said before, I'd almost feel sorry for them if they weren't such utter shits.

    So...time to enjoy slightly cooler temps in here. Just glad it's not the a/c itself, though it's also something that will need attention sooner rather than later (the unit is 18 years old) it goes.

    Have a good weekend as well.