Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Night Of The Living Ted

A candidacy that just won't die...


  1. Aha! Just like a certain TV show I have never watched nor will, "The Walking Dead". Oh, wait, isn't his daddy some sort of fun die preacher? Maybe they expect to have the rapture soon and then the dead will rise from their graves, or so says that odd ball acid trip; the book of "Revelations". Yeah, maybe that is what lil' Teddy is hoping for.
    I also remember a saying from my youth, i really was young once upon a time (I'm oder than dirt and twice as dusty), winners never quit and quitters never win.
    On third thought, or is it a fourth one? No matter, an "evangelical" preacher can always hold a 'revival' meeting and resurrect Teds' campaign.
    Yes, I am trying to be sarcastic about lil' Teddy.

  2. Well, guess I didn't earn any pundit points. Cruz is finally, officially out...for president. But he revived his Senatorial campaign committee, so we'll have him to kick around as long as the Texass [sic] shit kickers decide they like having a smug asshole representing them. Well, they've got Gohmert in Washington, too. Damn.

    Meanwhile, as noted above, Trump -- through an aide -- admits it's all just a big old reality show for him, not that that was any great revelation. I just wonnder how many dingbats really think the country can get along like that. I really hope not, and have to assume -- for now -- that the media is pushing the narrative because...an idiot candidate and no-contest election doesn't sell eyeballs (what they're ACTUALLY selling, as you know: our eyeballs to commercial sponsors). So they'll push the "both sides do it/are flawed" for as long as they can flog it...

    Time for dinner. Take it easy.