Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Apprentice...You've Got To Be Kidding Edition

Trump aide and low-rent-Bob-Guccione-would-be Paul Manafort manages to make the clown show even more trivial. Wow.


  1. Regards your reply to my comment from yesterday; yeah, them texicans are sure some kind of dumb. They are so dumb, they often pronounce the 'b' in the word. As to the clowns they elect, more than once even, you cannot fix stupid.
    As to what the coronation of the Donald might be come the elephant gang convention, I'll not put much stock in any real information being made public. Oh, it WILL be one hell of a spectacle. One comment from the link was a mention of "Triumph of the Will" meets "Here comes Honey Boo-boo". Sounds about what we may expect from the clown show called Trump.
    Well, hope the rest of your week goes well.

  2. Yeah, that's about right, re: TOTW and Honey Boo-boo. The right touch of evil and childishness (or so I assume with the latter, having never, you know, seen it...haven't seen all of Triumph either, but have watched parts, including one without subtitles, not that it was much of a mystery)...

    But, watch as the media tries their damndest to make a race of it. Then watch them panic when if they put Trump in a position to actually win. trying to think of a parallel...maybe Burlusconi...

    Anyway...take it easy...hopefully will be a good weekend. And hopefully a slow/good next week, since the week after I might be called to jury duty. Got the notice this week. We'll see what happens...