Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flying Below the Radar?

I hope so, although I'll admit--if it isn't already obvious--that I'm a little worried when John McFourMoreYearsofBush repeats, word-for-word, the standard Rethuglican script...if for no other reason than it's worked before, and the lazy media's always happy to recite the narrative yet again before waddling/plodding off to the nearest watering hole to get shitfaced.

That's how it works.

Obama, on the other hand, has always been an overachiever...and I wonder if he really doesn't quite comprehend the values of those who'd rather phone it in.

Still, stories like this, Obama's latest ads (one of which can be seen at a place called Eschaton--I'm sure he'll appreciate the hat tip/link)--give me some hope that they're ready to take off the gloves...while Giordano and DDay make the case that McCain's bark will, in the end, have no bite (although lord knows I wouldn't mind McCain's bluster coming back to bite him firmly and permanently on the posterior when it's all over. If nothing else, he's proven himself to be an utter creep, and, while a luxurious retirement is hardly true justice, I'd be willing to trade it for his permanent benching from public life.)

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