Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Offshore Snakeoil Platform

"Cures your rheumatism and makes for an excellent fuel additive."

This is a prime example of the sort of puerile horseshit that even Jack Cafferty can see through: John McCain abjectly and cravenly willing to spew THE most idiotic of lies in the hopes he can hoodwink the media and a sufficient number of morons to apply the ultimate ego salve in the form of votes and high office.

It just doesn't get more craven. McCain KNOWS he's full of shit: you can see it in his sick smile and his I'm-lying-through-my-remaining-teeth eye-batting. What he's hoping for is that, like with Dubya, an ultra-compliant press corpse will factor enough built-in credibility from the office itself to at least let him pretend to be legitimate. Because if he honestly believes his rhetoric (and he DOESN'T), then he's just too plain goddamned stupid to even be allowed to take the oath of office.

What the hell does he think? That offshore platforms grow on trees--or maybe that they build themselves? Good grief. Add in the fact that the Gulf of Mexico--in its entirety--is vulnerable to tropical weather systems. And if Senator McCain doesn't understand the logistics in building infrastructure, how the hell does he expect us to believe he has a clue as to maintaining it...or restoring, in the event of a repeat of 2005, or worse.

Oh, and press corpse--you're welcome to borrow any or all of my observations, and ASK the senator to flesh out his plans...that is, if you're not too chicken to do so.

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