Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Moe, Larry & Curley Joe, Rudy, & Johnny

So, the McCain coronation will feature 9iu11ani as keynoter and Holy Joe as Sancho Panza...imagine if the Democratic convention presented such a feeble feature presentation.

Meanwhile, I don't think this is something to necessarily fret over; however, Team Obama needs to realize they're playing one-on-two, the media demonstrating their fealty to McCain in their refusal to dismiss his absolute batshit insane rantings as...batshit insane rantings. Yesterday Obama attempted some damage control, and while that's a start--and while, yes, it's beneath him to even have to consider countering McCain's dung bombs with a few well placed swipes of his own--the fact remains that politics, whether Barack Obama likes it or not, is a dirty game. Time to fight fire with fire, and it's not like John McCain's closet isn't literally bursting with skeletons.

Hell, it wouldn't even be that difficult: muddy the waters, let Johnny Mac publicly blow a gasket...I'd like to see the media try to dismiss that.

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