Thursday, August 21, 2008

Must See TV

Maybe TPM knows about Rising Tide, or maybe it's just a lucky coincidence. TPMtv posted their interview with John Barry from the Netroots Nation conference. Here it is:

For those on a slow connection or without the time, Barry makes the same point I've seen elsewhere as to the numerous inland cities that, thanks to New Orleans, have direct ocean access. Barry also has some additional anecdotes and observations--first, that the loss of land is the equivalent of losing territory the size of Delaware. If that land hadn't been lost, New Orleans wouldn't need levee protection to the extent that it does. Second, the loss is in no small part due to upstream dams (Barry doesn't note this, but the petrochemical infrastructure, probably the densest in the lower 48 states, also contributes significantly to coastal erosion, even as it provides at least a partial check/control on gasoline prices.) In other words, it's NOT just Louisiana's problem, but a national issue, affecting the national populace, and one that requies a national debate/conversation, and, presumably, some sort of national consensus.

And, to be fair, Barry also asserts that John McCain has at least publicly expressed a greater committment to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast than has Barack Obama. So, points for McCain, but recall it's HIS campaign that dismisses speeches as just so many words. And besides, Johnny Mac's latest defense of his caviar wishes and champagne dreams is apparently

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