Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Are We Really That Desperate To Kill?

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Yes, they're convicted murders (though that's not always definitive proof). But do we have to stoop to their level?


  1. I oppose the death penalty. As one link you posted shows, the wrong person can and still does get convicted. If "we" kill that person, then later find out it was an innocent person, what? Do "we" just say "Oops, sorry about that" and just go on? Bullshit. Time to end it. Make it life with no parole. Being caged for life IS punishment, being killed and its all over. Big deal, what punishment is that?
    Also, I don;t need the state taking on my need for revenge, that is what the death penalty is, revenge. It is also state sanctioned murder. ENOUGH! Enough of the senseless killings. Haven't "we", the US of A killed more than enough of our fellow human beings? Do "we" need to keep killing even more?
    I keep coming back to a supposed conversation with Gandhi; he was asked what he thought about Western civilization, he supposedly replied that he "thought it would be a good idea". I agree 100%. It is long overdue for the US of A to finally start to act like a civilized country. Stop the death penalty.
    It does NOT deter crime, no matter what the Reich wingers say. It never did and never will. back in the days when they still held public hangings, the death penalty did NOT deter crime, there was still plenty of crime even then, just the populations was a great deal less in the country. The death penalty is a dinosaur and needs to become extinct in this country. It is barbaric and useless.
    OK end of rant for today.
    Have a great day Michael. Oh, maybe an extra treat for your cat and an ear rub for me. I miss the cats I have shared my life with over the years. I like all animals, but cats are my top favorite.

  2. The cat's sitting with me while I type this out...finally let me take the hand he was using as a pillow for a few minutes at least...anyway, yeah...I'm always amazed that some people think prison in the US is some sort of picnic. Shit, it's not even a picnic in places where prison is relatively decent (e.g., Germany, Norway, etc.). Life without parole -- for the honestly guilty -- is one hell of a sentence...

    And you can look in the eyes of a lot of prisoners and see honest regret...no, that doesn't mean we can let them out. If they did the crime, society is fully in keeping with requiring they do hard -- and long -- time. But with rare exception, prisoners who committed heinous crimes KNOW they did and try, within the confines of prison, to do what they can.

    It's been a while, but I went to a couple of Angola rodeos and dealt with the guys selling crafts. Also bought a board game called Doing Time On the River or something like that. A lifer created it. I read the rules (the idea was to deter kids), and looked over the pieces...sad to say, never actually played it, but to be honest, it looks like it would take a LONG time to finish. The kind of game a lifer might create..

    Anyway, better get going over here. Catch you later.