Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Look Who's Squawking

From Album 5
I'm not surprised they've slithered out of whatever hole under a rock they call home, but that they get taken seriously by the Wall Street Journal should tell you that...there are some real assholes at the Wall Street Journal. Assholes as big as Dick and Liz...


  1. I enjoyed Rude Pundit and his take on these two things. Oh yes, the assholes at WSJ are world class. I say that as they gave these two things a place to post their screed. Why in hell does anybody care what either of those two things have to say on any subject? I am not going to check the other links, no need, I'd just get more pissed off and I don't need that. The last few days have been hell for me, need to get my pain meds changed. I see pain management this month, and they need to increase the dosage or try something stronger. Do not do anything to injure your spine, ever. It will be a life long miserable mess.
    Any who, I had stopped by Rude Pundit earlier today, I figured you'd do a post on this. Damn good one Michale. Thanks for it. OK, I may check the other links later. When the pain backs down a bit.

  2. Back pain is THE worst, and alas, I've got some experience, but sounds like not nearly to the level you're having to deal with. Ouch. As to the WSJ, it used to be that the loonies were strictly opinion -- after all, the moneyed class needs to know if they're investments might get caught up on political fervor...but with Murdoch at the helm, I hear their actual journalism is as lame as Liz and DIck's piece. God, they're awful...the herpes of the body politic.

    Yeah, the old Rude Pundit's one of my favorites. And it turns out he grew up at least partly in Lafayette, so he's on the home team, sort of. But, he's young...and smart...and got away.

    Rest up, and hope they get you the right stuff, and the right dose. Makes all the difference, I hear.