Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Ministry Of Silly Walker

From Album 5
The Wisconsin governor might have been playing fast and loose while telling everyone else to tighten their belts.


  1. Walker isn't much different than Herr Jindal and diaper Dave Vitter then. Old diaper Dave put $1 Million from his senate campaign chest into his own super PAC to run for governor of our state.Yep, I got that from I believe. He has a good blog on state issues.
    Other good state issue blogs are Louisiana and best of all, at forgotston is super sharp. OK, Mr. Aswell at Louisiana Voice is damn good also, I tend to rank CB top as I like his style, short and very sharp. Tom Aswell digs deeper, but we all have our own way to rank blogs, sites, etc..
    Herr Jindal has a group or PAC or whatever it is that is really just a way to get money for his run at president in 2016.
    Man, we could be in for some really nasty times, diaper Dave as our next governor and Herr Booby Jindal as our next president? Oh hell, I may not be able to sleep now, I'll be awake all night long to damn worried about that happening. The really sad thing is, they both could actually win. Almost enough to make me start to sort of wish I did have some religion, that way I could at least pray to some god or other. Nah, I'll stay with my heathen self, too old to change and never learned how to quit.
    Have a great day Michael.
    p.s. Pain eased off today, thanks for your comments. Yeah, I see the pain management later this month, time for new meds. I just get tired of it all. Nasty mess.

  2. I guess the "good" news is ole Booby J is dreaming. He'll never be president, but -- ugh -- I could see him as a Health & Human Services Secretary, and that would be plenty bad enough.

    Gov. Vitter, though, is a real possibility. And that...would suck.

    I've been reading CB since you reminded me, and yes, he's sharp, quick, and knows his stuff. A couple years ago I got to meet Lamar White. He and Zack Kopplin give me hope for the future, though they'll have a hell of a mess...

    I'll add Tom Aswell to my list. I think I came across his site previously, but especially at work try to be careful as to what I read. Sad to say, you can never tell who might, um...tattle.

    Well, good that your pain's eased a bit, best of luck...I'm going to cut out here, since I'm having to type with one hand. The cat thinks my other hand makes a fine pillow/headrest. Have a good weekend.