Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
Freedom Summer edition. An anniversary well worth remembering. Their courage in the face of terrorism is truly inspiring.

Gave a good weekend.


  1. Absolutely. Very courageous and very inspiring.
    I am going to take some time away from commenting. Life has intruded and given me a few "extra" troubles recently and I can't seem to manage them all, so I am cutting back on my computer time for a while. I may stop and read now and then, just may not comment much for a while.
    Also, I do feel like I need some serious down time even before this new mess came up.
    Hope you and yours are well. Take care of yourself and the cat. Best to you and yours,
    p.s. I'll be back after a while, just really need a rest.

  2. Take a rest, Charlie, and hope all turns out for the best. Enjoy your comments, but don't worry -- your well being is far more important.

    In the interim, I'll be here if/when you want to stop by. It's a hobby/ the hell out of throwing bricks at a TV. Cheaper, too.

    Again, best of luck, take it easy, and hope it all comes out ok.

    Cheers to you.