Monday, June 16, 2014

Freedom Is Messy

From Album 5
Yeah, sure made for a funny joke ten years ago...


  1. This is one of those SSDD moments. You know SSDD? Same shit, different day. Don't forget that Saudi is also deep in funding these moronic asshats who claim to be "good" Muslims. Yeah, just more senseless killings, death and destruction. We can now give thanks to W. Shrub, Mr. 5 Deferments Cheney, McCrazy, and old Tony the lap dog Blair for this. It is just an extension of their vile,very criminal invasion of Iraq. The mess they made and yet they are still free to walk this earth. There is no justice in the US of A at all. Makes me sick.

  2. Oh, I did enjoy the Le Mans race and the Moto GP as well. I had a lot of good racing to pick from this past weekend. Glad you enjoyed the football games. I agree, no need to riot if your favorite team is not the winner. I have my favorite racers, but don't riot when they don't win.
    One odd thing with 'Merikkka, when your team wins the championship, you riot and burn half the home teams city? Only in 'Merikkka I suppose, we sure are an odd country. I enjoy a good football match now and then, I just never got that into it, so I don't understand some calls, like off sides as an example. Notice I do not call it soccer as most 'Merikkkans do. To the vast majority of the world it IS football, so I will call it such and refer to the NFL/semi-pro(college) as US football.

  3. Yes, it's use your feet. Funny how that is -- logical even. Though after finally finding out just a few years ago how they came up with Soccer -- a derivative of Association Football -- neither term bothers me.

    Glad you liked the races...helps to keep the mind off the Iraqi and broader Middle East clusterfuck, eh? And...good old Saudi Arabia. Any time I hear the gasbags talking about radical Islam without singling them out, well...hypocrisy is like stupid, right? No limits...

    Well, gotta run. The cat needs his late treat and I'm gonna go watch Fargo -- it's weird, but I've been liking it thus far.