Monday, July 06, 2015

A Reminder

From Album 5
Back in the day, Germany was on the other end of the stick...


  1. History is so interesting. Of course now the old shoe is on the other foot and well……seems the Germans, what passes for their leaders at least, seem to have forgotten this history. Well, hey, 1953? Bloody hell, that is ancient history, of no use at all for today. Yeah, how does that old saying go, the one about those who don't learn from history, etc., etc., etc..
    Glad your weekend went well and hope Tigger wasn't to worried about the fireworks and thunder. Maybe we won't get much rain this week. My attitude is, if a tree needs to be taken down, get it down. I'd rather keep as many as possible, but not when they pose a threat to your home or to power lines/phone lines etc.. Just take it slow and be careful.
    Hope the week goes well for you.

  2. Well, it's time for the tree to go -- though there's space for a smaller one. Maybe I'll put it in a container to keep it properly sized. But...minus the single mishap, which fortunately wasn't as bad as it could've been, it's on schedule., there's a lot of high handed and very judgmental behavior on the part of the Germans about Greece...and what pisses me off, not that my opinion matters's the ones who didn't benefit from the original loans that got Greece into trouble who will pay...always the poor who get clobbered, while the rich ones will carry on without a care.

    And no, wealth or poverty is not divinely ordained or the product of strictly hard work versus sloth, whatever. Yeah, some poor people can be lazy. Others work their butt off...just like some rich people work hard, while others look like they could barely feed themselves without servants doing all the work. Damn...and it's not like this isn't patently obvious.

    The world has plenty of misery without people going out of their way to make things even worse. But damn if that's not the aim in and of itself, it seems.

    Well...back to stuff. Take it easy.