Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Wingnuts In Action

From Album 5
Doubling down on the stupid...


  1. Oh no. I had thought that we were done, once and for all, with this moronic D-Sousa clown. Well, it is getting near to the next big election, so it stands to reason (or unreason in this case) that the clowns and moronic idiots will be pouring out of the woodwork.
    I wish this D'Sousa clown would just go far away and stay there, permanently.
    Hope your week goes well. It is going to be summer time hot here, the heat index was about 108 this afternoon. Try and say cool.
    As to Greece, yes, as usual, the working class and poor will bear the main costs, just as we do here in the US of A. Yeah, I still think Marx was a wimp. Bets if I'd been around during his lifetime, he'd have told me I was too radical. He would have been correct no doubt. I came by my radicalism the old fashioned way, I earned it with experience and paying attention to this life, plus a healthy bit of reading.

  2. Oh, it's been an oven over here...though with much higher humidity.

    Sorry to go with lame-o Dsouza...but a busy week at work. Which also means a pretty short comment here as well. Anyway, take it easy, and likewise do what you can re: the heat.

    Ah, old Karl was plenty radical enough -- things in his day were different. But I keep thinking about dialectical materialism, and how that was one hell of an insight.

    Again, take it easy...