Thursday, July 09, 2015


From Album 5
This loads a video, and yeah, I'm recycling a picture from just a few weeks ago, but ... it just doesn't get more undiluted-crazy-raging-condescending-drunk-uncle-at-the-holiday-dinner-lemme-tell-you-what-I-REALLY-think-wingnut than yesterday's remarks from The Donald.

Hell, it's almost performance art.

I hope Trump stays in the race for the duration...


  1. I wonder, does he have a tin foil hat under that rug he wears on his head? I swear, I have heard certifiably insane people make more coherent comments than Trump does. Quick, get this clown some Thorazine, STAT!

  2. Thorazine...and a permanent spot on the Rethug debate roster. Like I said yesterday, he'll get the riled up base on his side, but I don't think a majority of the country is ready for Trump Taj Mahal as the Summer White House. In the interim, train meet wreck.

    Take it easy, finally made some headway on a big headache at work...funny, after doing everything, I went back to something I'd tried previously...and this time it worked. So it goes with Microsoft Windoze...guess I shouldn't complain too loudly. The inconsistency is what keeps me employed.