Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
Atticus Finch edition. According to this review, he's...all too human. And there's more here at the Guardian.

Have a good weekend.


  1. In a way this is good news. Seriously, my first hero was dad and I knew he wasn't perfect. He even told me so many long years ago. By the time I got to high school I bet he had forgot he told me that. Well, most of us start to act out at that age and I did, within reason, Dad had big hands. He only ever hit me with an open hand and I bet I can count the total number of times he hit me in 19 years on one hand and have a finger or two left over. One swat from him usually lasted about three years till the next time. I never claimed to be very smart, but damn, I can learn fast enough when I need to.
    I imagine the die hard fans of "Mockingbird" will be disappointed by this new book. Well, then they are at a loss and I can't help them. Even our heroes are just human after all, how can that be held against them?
    Glad you got your trouble fixed. Good man, good work.
    Now, enjoy the weekend. Cheers to you and Tigger.

  2. I agree as to how this makes the character more human -- too many "good" people I think try to hide behind portrayals of iconic figures to justify history, instead of simply confronting it, admitting the injustice, and taking some positive steps to right affirmative action, for instance. I mean, damn...yes, hard quotas can suck for people who didn't directly perpetrate discrimination...but the alternative could have been, for instance, increasing funding to allow increased enrollment, or increased employment if the action involves jobs instead of admission to a school.

    I keep repeating this, sorry, but I think it's an important point: fair or not in the broader, global scheme of things, this country has incredible wealth. Far more than most of us realize. More than enough to ensure a reasonable quality of life for pretty much anyone. That said, I'll credit the plutocrats with convincing most of us groundlings that there's not enough, and as a result, they've got us all scratching at each other for what are not even crumbs, but crumbs of crumbs. And the reaction of the older Atticus Finch is spot on in that regard - believing that the poor want too much too fast.

    Well..if you don't demand, you won't get. Watch when the elite start fighting for something. They sure don't start by demanding a half loaf. They want it all, and aren't satisfied with any compromise. And now that they control the narrative...


    Otherwise, yes, another good day...finished the project that kicked me good last week. I like it when stuff turns out ok.

    Now, to the next project on my plate...another fairly large one.

    Take it easy. Hope your weekend went well.

  3. Michael,
    Brilliant comment sir.
    Absolutely spot on as the Brits used to say. I agree with you, this country is still very rich in resources and people willing to work and learn. Having been a Marine, having been in a war, I now know all too well, had we, as a country kept OUT of every damn fool useless war of choice since 1945, and ALL of the war the US was in since 1945 were 100% unnecessary, we'd be able to have better than Medicare for ALL, including full dental, vision, and hearing. Also, fully funded education up to and including a four year college/university degree for those who want one. Now, not everybody needs a college/university education. Why would a plumber, carpenter, machinist, or any of the trades need a college degree? They don't, but they could opt for technical schooling not college. I hope we never get to where the trash collectors need a four year college degree to do their vital jobs.
    Yes, the top 1% of that 1% DO want it all, and as I said in a blog post, even IF they ever got it all, they'd still want, nay, demand even more. Greed seems to have no bounds at all.
    End of rant……for now….LOL.

  4. p.s. Yes, the weekend was OK here. Hot and humid, but it is summer in Louisiana, and you have it a bit worse being further South, closer to the Gulf and a bigger river than the Red.
    Glad your week went well, hope this one does also.