Wednesday, July 08, 2015


From Album 5
Never thought I'd paraphrase human time bomb Bob Knight, paraphrase: "I was worried about losing, until I looked ... and saw Bill Kristol. Then I knew we had a chance."


  1. No doubt about it, Kristol IS the village idiot and then some.
    As to "the Donald", Rude Pundit has some thoughts at his blog today, 9 July. I fear he may be right about Trump and those who will vote for him. How low the education system of this country has dropped. Man, I swear, they now have four year college degrees and know less than my generation did when we finished high school. By the way, my friends and I didn't think we were all that smart after high school. Good thing, as we weren't. Look at how many of us were damn fool enough to go off to the imperial war in Vietnam.

  2. Oh, Trump's...almost perfect...that is, as in perfect storm. He's so lost in his own ego that...yeah, some of the nuttier folks -- and sadly, there are plenty -- will vote for him...but the Rethugs still have folks who know that once the bed is shit, it can't unshit itself...and the Donald is definitely shit-the-bed scary to them. They'd vote Hillary just to keep the gravy train rolling...

    And, as I've said before, lesser of evils -- and that the Democrats, including Obama and Clinton -- is still a tad better than greater of evils. Don't make me like the lessers, but damn the greaters are...scary as hell.

    And Trump is their undiluted id. Well, of the base.

    He's the embodiment of the Frankenstein monster they created. But no way they'd let him fucking way. They'd crown Hillary emperor first.

    And...under the circumstances...I'll deal with that.

    Take it easy. Time to get to stuff here. Another busy one at work, but hey, that's why they pay me...