Thursday, July 30, 2015

Eric, Son Of Erick

From Album4
And a first class shitbird.


  1. Yes, this guy is another moronic asshat. Seems the elephant gang is over loaded with that type. Not that the donkey gang is much better though.
    Raise holy hell about Planned Parenthood getting a very tiny amount of federal funds, but not a single word about the obscene profits made by those who make and sell weapons/weapon systems. No sir, too much money to be made from death and killing. Goddamn hypocrites is what they all are. Oh, and cowards as well since so few of them ever even wore a military uniform and of course they never go to any wars themselves. No sir, because by their god, they have other priorities.
    Well, I'd much rather my taxes went to Planned Parenthood and let the weapons makers sink or swim on their own. Recall all US troops from every foreign country. I'd allow the Marine guards to stay at our embassies. They have had that job as a tradition and I remember being told that embassy duty was good duty in my Marine days.
    The Coast Guard does a good job and could protect our coats lines. Keep a small military force for defense. We still do call it the Defense Department. Of course, once upon a time we were more honest, we actually called it the war department. Oh, and do away with Homieland Insecurity. Why do we need that outfit? Isn't the military supposed to defend the country?
    I like your take on how things may play out IF Trump does win the nomination. Probably the elephants would do a McGovern on him. They are good at cutting off their nose to spite their face.
    A final comment on US politicks, since it is mostly just tricks any way. Old Dick Nixon was further left wing than Obama ever was or will be. Nixon started the EPA among other "lefty" things. I can't recall the rest of the "leftist" stuff Dick did, but, he was way more left than our current president and way more so than Hi-Larry could ever be. She did start out as a Goldwater girl after all.
    Yes, we have 100 degree air temps to look forward to here. As usual, the heat index tops 100+, more close to 110 most days. We got a small thunderstorm tonight. Man, the temp dropped into the low 80's even with the heat index.
    Stay cool and have a good weekend.

  2. The same folks screaming about "unborn" children (no, they're not -- they're embryos and/or fetuses, and fetuses actually have significant protections at viability), anyway, they scream...but are either quiet or even just plain vicious when it comes to, oh, I don't know, kids getting molested by priests, or blown to bits by cluster bombs or land mines, or just abused, neglected, the midst of some of the greatest amount of plenty in the history of the world. How about that? Christ...

    To be perfectly honest, if somehow I was offered the choice, I'd take being aborted over any of that...and, for that matter, having to be a child of some raging wingnut.


    You know, as bad as summer's heat is here, I saw that in the Middle East, specifically Iraq and Iran, they've got heat indexes of over 150 degrees. Yikes. But oh, it can't be global warming..

    Anyway, gotta run over here. Take it easy, have a good weekend as well. Greetings from Tigger as well...time for his evening treat...

  3. Oh, absolutely. The Reich wingers and the xtians all rant on about the unborn. OK, fine, I have no problem with that opinion, I can try and be reasonable. My question for them is; where in hell are these same Reich wingers and good stains once said unborn is now born and a living, breathing human child? Oh, right, they are nowhere to be found then. Not their problem.
    Well, IF you are so goddamn concerned for the unborn, why in bloody hell do you care next to absolutely nothing at all for those young children who are trying to live in this world after birth? Oh, and how come nobody in any media ever asks them this question? Are the good xtians and Reich wingers afraid they may get asked that question? I will go all out and bet the entire damn farm they are scared shitless about ever being asked that.
    150? Yikes! I remember a few temps in the shade, if you could find any, in the high desert of SoCal that hit 127 to 130 at times, but it was dry heat. Low humidity. Holy crap, if we had air temps here of 120 with the typical Louisiana humidity the hospital ER's would be swamped for months.
    Have a great weekend, but stay cool.