Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Off His Meds

From Album 5
Or maybe just off his rocker. Huck shows there's nothing he won't stoop to...for temporary political traction. It's not like this latest instance of assholery will make his candidacy any more viable.


  1. With the Huckster, I don't know if Thorazine would be strong enough. When a former ambassador TO Israel calls your remarks vile, obscene, etc.. Well, that should be more than enough to get one to at least stop and think for a few seconds. Ah, but not the Huckster. Nope, he has doG on his side. Just another reason I like cats the best of all critters, most humans included.
    Ah, the Donald. Yes, I think you got him figured correctly Michael. he IS a product of the system this country seems to be run by. Well, we can get some popcorn, sit back and watch him flame out, big time. All in due course naturally. Like you, I am certain he will flame out, maybe not soon, but before the big primaries take place.
    Well, have a good week. Hi to Tigger also, and an extra ear rub and treat if you think he needs it. LOL, cats never refuse treats.
    Take it easy young man.

  2. Thanks...I'm actually liking the Donald, because he's the drunken uncle at the holiday dinner...actually never watched the movie, but the political equivalent of Borat, stinking up the room and everything else in the vicinity. And all they can do is take it, because he speaks their language.

    And that's likely the source of Huckabee's really ugly remark. What an ass, and if the press corpse [sic] had ANY conscience, they'd hound him on this until he removed himself from the political scene more or less permanently and limited himself to late night consignment ads on AM radio. But...alas, there's a segment of the country that's drunk the Kool-Aid, and they're all in for...the stupid.

    And the Rethugs have been feeding them raw, red, bloody meat since Ronaldus Magnus...he who walked without sin, and, funny enough, didn't negotiate a deal to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon...nosiree...nope...he sold them TOW and Stinger missiles. How about that, Huck?

    Again, all this means to me is that lesser-of-evils HRC just has to not lose. And no, I don't have to like her, just like I don't have to like old BHO, but...in this era of diminished expectations, beats the hell out of the alternative. I still have no regrets over voting Nader over Gore in 2000, but only because Shrub was going to take Loosiana in a cakewalk. But if the Dems had had a chance, I wouldn't have, and especially after watching what should have been the second coming of Rutherford B. Hayes (one term, nothing accomplished...well, minus a sop to the South with ending Reconstruction and beginning Jim Crow), anyway, that should have been Bush's puny legacy. Instead, we have the ongoing shit sandwich.

    Anyway, back to stuff here. Take it easy, thanks as always for having something to say worth listening to...