Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
Reunion Island. I hope the families and loved ones find some closure.

Have a good weekend.


  1. I have mixed feelings about this latest news. It would be nice if the parts are from that missing plane. At the same time, I find it very hard to accept that with all the satellites so many countries have watching every square inch of this planet that nobody has a clue where it went down.
    My view, there should be, MUST be, certain systems that cannot be shut off from inside the aircraft. Things like tracking devices, etc..
    As to closure, well, having lost a daughter in 1983 and then a wife of 24 years to a form of brain cancer in 1999, I don't know what closure is. I am not being critical of you or anybody who uses that term, but to me, it is an empty word with zero meaning. It is, my opinion only, just a word that people use to supposedly try and make others feel a bit better. Well, it does beat the hell out of the old stand by; "get over it". Still, I have no idea what closer is. I could go on, about Dad and the damn good friends I lost in Vietnam and others I knew who died racing or from illness, even my grandparents. Closure? If it helps some, then good, but I still have no clue what it is. Maybe I am just too damn stupid to understand. That IS a possibility after all.

  2. Nova ran a pretty decent show about the various theories...and despite Nova being funded in part by the Kochs (ugh), I'm inclined to take their material seriously. The show might be available online for streaming, so I'll spare you the details, but, if you're interested, it was fascinating.

    My dad was a pilot -- 22 years in the US Navy, then he flew civilian for the company he worked for. He took piloting seriously. I remember one conversation we had about his bosses, who were also licensed pilots, but whom my dad, quite honestly and legitimately, didn't think much of regarding skills...almost at James Inhofe levels of ineptitude.

    As for closure, I'm not real sure about that either. Aside from my father, I've been lucky not to have lost any immediate family...on the other hand, I've got a couple of failed relationships that have me living, well, very solitary, except for Tigger and another feline pal...who, also honestly, I was pretty shook up about when he came up missing (eventually a neighbor found the body and I buried him). I realize it's nothing in comparison, but he was part of my family, in a way.

    I think in this case some knowledge is better than a mystery. Again, not to compare, but I know it was over for my little pal, as opposed to wondering. It was, I guess, closure.

    Anyway...back to stuff over here. Take it easy, I hear there's some rain in the week's forecast...maybe that'll cool things down.

  3. Michael,
    We watched that Nova program this past Wednesday I think it was. Yes, even though it is "sponsored" by the Kock boys, Nova still does some damn good work.
    I don't quite agree with you about your late feline buddy. I cried at the deaths of all the cats who shared their lives with me. Both my late wife and my current wife did also. Ann, my wife since 2001 cried with me when my last two remaining cats from SoCal died. Miss Peach was born in my home there and was 18 when she died. Little Bits died about 18 months later, we never knew how old she really was. She just showed up in our back yard one day, sort of like old Walter P. Kronkat did some years earlier. Walter died about 2 years before Sherie. Any way, as best as we and the vet could figure Little Bits was about 17 or 18 when she died in the house out near Glenmora some years back. The cats I shared my house out in the woods of CenLa went to good homes when I had to quit that house. Couldn't do the physical work of keeping it up. Cursing my damn disabilities and nasty arthritis. Really very bad in my right shoulder.
    Oh, how did Walter P. Kronkat get his name? Well, he was in the front yard when we came home from shopping. Most stray cats will run off when you drive up the driveway and open the garage door. He didn't. Sherie said, the cat is still out there as I unloaded ours and the other cats groceries. So what do you want me to do? I asked her. She said he might be hungry. After I was done bringing everything in and helped put some up, I took some food and a bowl of water to the garage. He came, sniffed, ate, drank , and then walked to me, looked up, jumped onto my lap and said, pet me, I have a new home. Basically, he told us, I am home to stay. And that's the way it is! Just as the other Walter, the one who did the TV news signed off each night. So, Walter P. Kronkat stayed until he died, about 11 years later. Oh, he had a eye that somebody had ruined and a broken left hip. His eye was beyond any repair, but that hip cost us $600.00. Even the vet, who knew both of us and our other six cats said old Walter was one high priced stray cat. He was totally nuts. His only fear was cameras. Never did figure that one, so what photos I had of him were from the back or him asleep.
    The cats who shared my homes with me WERE family, no matter what anybody may have tried to tell me, they were like my kids. They sure as hell were some of the best friends I ever had, and they never asked me for money or to borrow my truck or came home drunk after curfew either.