Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Art Of The Going Rogue Deal, Also, Too...

From Album 5
Oh, if the train wreck spectacle -- but classy -- of The Donald could get any...classier, it would only be with the addition of The Sarah...


  1. Michael, first off, many thanks for the compliment you gave me in the post yesterday. Wow, I said something worth listening to? Well, there IS actually a first time for everything then. OK, that was a bit overly sarcastic/snarky. No offense you man. I just do not have a high opinion of myself. Hey, I have lived with me for 67 years, so I know me better than anybody alive today. Probably better than any who have been dead for years also. I really DO appreciate your very kind words though, honestly I do.

    Now for this post. Wow. Hoo boy. Trump/Palin? Talk about the absolute clown show. I liked the first link the best. I think Ed Kilgore did the best job of this match, even though his commentary was the shortest. Well, good things do come in small packages. Both my wife who died from a form of brain cancer in 1999 and my current wife are both about 5'2" and I would not want them angry with me. Oh, I am still close to 6'3", though with my back getting worse, I may be a bit shorter today. I probably am still a good 6'2" even on a bad day.
    What did bother me some were the comments at both links that said that Trump/Palin was what we, the US of A, deserved. Have we, as a nation stooped THAT low? OK, granted, after nearly 2 full terms with "guvnor" Booby, maybe this state has sunk to such a level, but then entire country? OK, granted I don't flow US "news" that close and haven't for the last few years. Well, what passes as news from the media, print or electronic in the US is crap. Still, it does look like I best get back to looking more closely at what is going on here in our(OK it once sort of was ours) country. Spending too much time reading web sites that follow international news, real reporting has done this to me. Of course it has also helped me to retain a bit of sanity.
    As to the Huckster, I agree, he should be run out of any political news and be damn lucky to get late night gigs doing radio commercials on Am radio for odd ball products. Maybe he could do infomercials for crap like the "greatest inventions" that the TV show "Worlds Dumbest" used to run now and then. Oh, and he must be paid no more than the absolute minimum wage for his work.
    IF there were a god, my only prayer to said god would be, "please protect me from your followers".
    OK, I have done it again, rambled on for far too long. Well, once again, I have told you that I talk too much.
    Hoping you and Tigger have a great week. Stay cool, we are predicted to hit 100 or better. That is air temp, the heat index has been well over 100 the last 2 weeks and looks to get higher soon.

  2. P.S. the Donald in a Palin wig/outfit is a master work on your part. You have mastered Photoshop my young friend. Damn good work.

  3. Thanks on The Donald's, um, makeover...alas, it's...fitting. And that's very likely the source of his appeal. no, maybe the country as a whole doesn't deserve either one, but they sure are the products of the whole sorry dump that the elites have taken on the body politique, starting with Reagan...and with Reagan it was circa mid 1960s...the reaction to civil rights, and the notion that it's zero sum between the "real" (white) Americans and the young bucks/welfare queens/women's libbers, etc., (having to self edit one again with Tigger taking a nap here); anyway, Trump and Palin just reflect it all back, the former for a last hurrah ego trip candidacy, the latter because I think she's crazy enough to believe most of it...Chickens coming home to roost.

    That said, I wonder how they'd react if one or the other actually DID somehow win the nomination -- of course, neither will -- Jeb! is still the money candidate, and elite wingnuts love their money more than anything...but, IF one of them won, would the Rethugs take a dive like the Dems did with McGovern in 1972? And sorry to even make a comparison between the genuinely decent -- and damned courageous -- McGovern and the Trump/Palin clown show...but McGovern was a threat to the established Dems, and they yanked the rug out (even as he was likely to lose -- but recently Rick Perlstein linked to a Nixon tape featuring Hubert Humphrey calling old Trick Dick and admitting as be honest, that'd be a close call: they sort of abandoned Goldwater in 64 (though they incorporated a lot of his schtick into the Southern Strategy)...but I also remember Andrew Sullivan, I think, urging people in Nevada to vote for lunatic Sharron Angle over Harry Reid, who's not my favorite Dem...but who isn't a lunatic. Makes you wonder. my other hand back while Tigger gets ready for his evening treat...but to still self-edit, yeah, I read what you say...and listen...I'm guessing a LOT of people out and about aren't nearly as swayed by the cheap rhetoric and the junk food news media...but where is their voice? Blogs are, alas, no longer the new thing...tweets are almost newspeak by design...but they can see through Trump or's the hard core haters that love their public image: they're role models for the genuinely vicious...who are out there. Hell, they voted for Nixon...and Reagan...and Perot...


    Otherwise, yeah another day in the oven, weatherwise, but we got a storm which cooled things a bit. Back to the furnace over the weekend, but as long as it doesn't rain I think I'll fire up the grill and do up some stuff for the next few weeks.

    Take it easy, Catch you later.