Monday, July 27, 2015

Truth In Punditry

From Album 5
Yes, it's a "delusional cult." And that's putting it mildly.


  1. Delusional cults. Yes, plural. Naturally a "sane" or even "semi-sane" elephant gang is a cult and very delusional at that. Also, the other delusional cult in the article is the professional pundit class. Oh, the "centrist pundits" in particular. When was the last time you saw/read a centrist pundit? Not a self described centrist pundit, but and actual centrist pundit. Does such a critter exist in the (not so very) old US of A nowadays? I wonder.
    As to McCrazy, how in hell does getting your aircraft shot down make one a hero? That pilot of the F-117, yeah the "stealth" fighter, who was shot down in the Yugoslavian war, he was shot down by the Serbs as I recall. Any who, the media tried to make him a hero. He told the media straight up that the troops who came to rescue him were the heroes, he was just a jet jockey. And his plane got shot down. True, he did evade capture for some days, but even he didn't think he was a hero. I respect him for that.
    McCrazy DID get special treatment as the NVA knew who he was and who his daddy was. His fellow prisoners don't speak highly of him.
    Paul Ryan is/was a con man? No, really? OK, I was being intentionally sarcastic with that. Of course he is, why else would he be holding office from the loon wing of the elephant gang?
    Oh man, IF the election next November comes down to the Donald or Hi-Larry, I may just leave my choice for POTUS blank. Hell, I may do so any way. Man, I wish the Peace and Freedom party was on the ballot in Louisiana. Actually I have not bothered to see if they are still a viable party back in California. May ought to do that soon, just for myself.
    Stay cool my friend. Have a good week. Heat index here is over 100 most every day. Must be that high or more so at Red Stick.

  2. Well, I'm pretty sure the real power brokers will do all they can to pop the Trump balloon...they almost certainly have SOMETHING on him, and will spring it when the time is the meantime, what the hell? I'm loving it: he's the product, the Frankenstein monster of their own creation, complete with the weird hair.

    Yeah, I've never much liked the McCain=hero thing either...from what I've read, sounds more like a death wish/inferiority complex because he felt like less of a man than his dad and granddad...but...the same "centrist" media builds those myths...and reinforces them... over...and over...and over...the big lie...Even asking a question is grounds for being drummed out, well...unless it's Swift Boating a Dem (not that I much liked the Kerry mythology either, but...typing with one hand here, so I'll let Tigger sleep and keep this short)...

    Peace and Freedom...what a novel concept, eh? Sigh...

    Anyway, yeah, glad I'm in an office for the's plenty hot...

    Take it easy.