Tuesday, August 04, 2015

For Our Parting ContestantsCandidates

From Album 5
A spot at the kids table and a thank-you-for-playing parting gift...


  1. The clowns who got the kiddie table are very fortunate to get that much attention.Those who got the high table, well, so many of them have no reason to be allowed near it. My own opinion, others will vary.
    No doubt the Rapides Public Library does have a service like that, if not the same one. I still have a few books here I want to read again. In particular one or two by Joseph Campbell on myth and a couple of others that basically aided me in my own look into my personal philosophy and how I come by it, or what passes as my philosophy. Oh, and when I need a damn good laugh, I can reread "Bored of the Rings"by the National Lampoon. Yes, it condenses the three "Lord of the Rings" books plus the "Hobbit" into less than 300 pages, maybe less than 200, I'd have to check, and I laugh almost from page one till the end every time I read it. Oh, and my very well worn and reread multiple times copy of "Catch 22".
    I'm old, 67 last birthday, there is still a certain something about holding an actual printed book in my arthritic hands that is enjoyable and no e-book has yet to replace. I am not knocking e-books, heck the wife got me one for a present a few years ago, 2011 I believe. I have used it and it did come preloaded with 99 classics.

  2. Catch 22 is on my list...to my discredit, I've never read it, though an early blogger who went by the name Billmon cited it often. And Billmon was one of my absolute favorites. Smart, quick...and never lost his temper, even when sorely tempted by the then free range of open comments, He was particularly good at turning the tables...reply as art form.

    Well, sorry to keep this short, but you can see above the latest effort took longer than I expected...and I'm still not real happy with the results, but...it'll have to do for now.

    Time to get back to stuff here. Take it easy.