Wednesday, August 05, 2015

So...About Tomorrow

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Anyway...this took longer than I thought, and not quite what I wanted, but it'll have to do...hey, probably not too far from what Faux News thought/thinks in selection criteria. And, like Faux, I had to leave a few out. After all, Snow White's minions only added up to seven. So...I don't think I need any link(s)...if you want to look around, I'm sure the analysts and spin doctors are busily parsing and pushing. Guess I'll have a somewhat jaundiced eye out on the whole clown show tomorrow, but can't say I expect to listen closely...though, and ok, one Krugman says, Trump isn't an outlier in the GOP...he's the heart and soul. Which should tell you just how weird things have gotten on that side of the aisle.


  1. Amazing, I finally agree almost 100% with Krugman. Well, will wonders never cease?
    Basically what I got from Mr. Krugman is that yes, Trump IS a clown, but big deal, so are all the other elephant wingers running for the nomination to be POTUS. It just so happen that Trump is the biggest clown and the majority of the elephant base likes him, they really, really like him. Take that Sally Fields. Actually I had a crush onSally once upon a time and still thought she was cute the last time I saw her on TV/movie. Either way, the base, whomever they really are, like the Donald more than the other guys. Somehow I fear that makes a huge statement about the entire country of ours, and it is not a good or even nice statement. Well, with so many governors cutting the education funds, we should expect Americans who are capable of critical thought?
    I have to stop before I begin a long rant. Stay cool and have a good week.

  2. No rain so far, despite the forecast...oh well. And yeah, that's Krugman's point, to a tee: Trump is a feature, not a bug, and the epitome of the crazy with the Rethugs -- who've always been kind of crazy, but now don't even pretend. Crazy -- that could be one of the dwarf names, along with Angry, Grumpy, Sleazy, Nutty...Dopey...and with Trump, "Classy" (sarcasm quotes of course intentional). I don't know what's scarier: whether they think they can con the voters, or whether they actually believe the nonsense. It's probably a little of both, and is (pun intended) the logical extension of the Iraq debacle, which was also a mix/match of hubris and stupid.

    The scary thing, though, at least to me, is that the media refuses to recognize the nutty, and goes to great lengths to pretend they're a legitimate party/political philosophy. The same media that dismissed a decent man -- McGovern -- as a pathetic loser (not that Mac would likely have made a good president, what with his fellow Dems willing to stab him in the back), and likewise paint Bernie Sanders as "their" Trump. Nope. Not even close. It's the same nuttiness that let's old PBJ talk about the "European nightmare" of...decent health care, stable civil society, low levels of gun violence, and even a functional safety net, despite almost a decade of austerity, i.e., the same economic agenda pushed by the GOP...that's the only nightmare. a little tired today -- was awakened last night by the cat paying way too much attention to a paper bag that a roach had crawled into...and then there was another I had to dispatch. Yeah, it's summer, alright. Sigh.

    Take it easy, I'll be have paying attention tonight, just because I'd love to see old Donald play the crazy uncle part yet again -- small solace (because it just means another Clinton administration) but small solace is better than significant pain...